The Dream (How We Began)

It started on a farm in Iowa, as a little girl, Cassandra spent weekdays with her Great Grandmother while her Mother worked and attended school. From canning, playing games, and learning about the Most High God, women gathered. It was then, the love of community was ignited and a dream was planted.

Cassandra held to the dream and love of seeing women come together for a purpose, and in the summer of 2016, she stepped out to obey what God placed within heart those years ago. The tasks grew quickly, it was then, she realized it would take more than just her to do as God was asking. Through prayer and by his plan he sent Lindsey to walk the journey of leadership with her.

From different places and stages in life, women have come together for the one true purpose of sharing God’s Word as a community of sisters, now known as, “Daughters Of The Deep”.

In Daughters Of The Deep, each writer brings something very special as they share a common love for God’s word. The seed was sown by a dream, but with each writer, the tree will grow and sprout new branches.

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