Want To Write For Us?

At Daughters of the Deep, we are always looking for new writers to submit guest posts on our blog centering around God’s Word. Submitting your guest post is easy!

Email CassandraOfTheDeep@gmail.com with your name, website, author pic/selfie, and article submission. 

A few tips to remember, the article cannot be published anywhere else online or in print, and it must fall within the guidelines of Daughters of the Deep Statement of Faith, SEE HERE. 

Once your article is submitted, it will be reviewed within one week.  If chosen, you will be contacted to make any necessary changes, and then, you will have the opportunity to sign our Daughters Of The Deep Writers’ Agreement Contract for that particular article. 

If your guest post does not meet our requirements, you will receive an email, then, you will be free to post your submission elsewhere. 

We look forward to hearing from you!