Living Faith

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I recently read Living Your Faith by Elizabeth George and it got me thinking about family worship in a new way. Recently there has been a great call for Bible literacy in the church. Because of this there are a…

Soul Food #2: Come to His Table

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Have you ever read through a portion of scripture and had NO CLUE what was going on? That’s how I was feeling this morning as I was doing my daily Bible reading. I had to pause and take a “Like,…

What’s Your Attitude Towards Service?

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If the Bible were a movie, her total time on screen would have been less than 5 minutes. Yet what little we know about her life screamed service. In Matthew 8:14-15 we read three sentences about Peter’s mother-in-law: “Now when Jesus had…

Your Response Matters

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I’m sure it had been a long day. Jesus was ending His at Simon’s house. Not Simon Peter, Simon the Pharisee. Simon invited Jesus over for dinner. It seemed like the right thing to do. Jesus was the talk of…