What’s Your Stew Part 1

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  Not only do we possess a natural inheritance, but we are adopted into the family of God and possess a supernatural birthright. In the natural, I am the oldest of two girls. We were raised between Kansas and Oklahoma…

Trust To Survive

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I called my husband as I was leaving work one brisk spring day. I was not sure how this conversation was going to go. I felt my heart pressed with a word from the Lord. I told my husband, “I…

Sleeping Beauty Do-Over

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  Once upon a time in God’s kingdom, there was a woman who was kind to the poor people of Joppa (Acts 9:36, NIV). Her name was Tabitha. One day, she became very sick and sadly died. The poor people…

I Am Not A Perfect Wife

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During the day, my husband and I talk quite a bit on the phone.  He owns his own business and I manage his office.  We touch base often about anything and everything.    Occasionally, he calls me because he’s upset…