A Journey To Hope

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  These things don’t happen to regular people – or, so I thought until our phone rang one early July morning in 2002. The morning was already thick with humidity making even the upholstered chair feel damp – the windows…

Yada Yada

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  For many years I lived with an intense fear that God would forget me. I thought, it I wasn’t on my A game, with my best foot forward and I missed my one opportunity to walk out His plan…

God is Tallest

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    Life can be so difficult sometimes.  There are situations that arise that almost seem to be more than we can bear.  Sometimes, more than one situation arises and compiled together we feel as if we’ll be crushed.  The world…


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Pride. I didn’t think I had an issue with pride. A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, told me she thought my biggest weakness was my pride. Immediately I opened my mouth to defend myself. Waiting for my…

Forever Friend

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People come and go, but God will stay forever. This is a sentence I have found to be true. I have had many friends that have came into my life that I thought would stay over the last 20 years….

What’s Your Stew Part 2

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  Yesterday, we began talking about our privilege to have a “birthright” in the Kingdom of God.   I have always considered myself a “Christian”, but it wasn’t until last year that I realized I was a defeated Christian. It blew…

What’s Your Stew Part 1

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  Not only do we possess a natural inheritance, but we are adopted into the family of God and possess a supernatural birthright. In the natural, I am the oldest of two girls. We were raised between Kansas and Oklahoma…

Trust To Survive

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I called my husband as I was leaving work one brisk spring day. I was not sure how this conversation was going to go. I felt my heart pressed with a word from the Lord. I told my husband, “I…