A Journey To Hope

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  These things don’t happen to regular people – or, so I thought until our phone rang one early July morning in 2002. The morning was already thick with humidity making even the upholstered chair feel damp – the windows…

Leper to Leaper

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The healing of the leper is a story that has reached new heights for me recently. Recently having lived through temporary paralysis in my right leg, being in a wheel chair, it still has a possibility of coming back, all…

Finding God’s Presence

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Last weekend, I was out in nature with my husband, Matt, and our girls.  We love to hike and explore as a family.  There are no distractions, but plenty to do.  Nature allows us to connect with each other and…

Dents and Memories

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(image courtesy of Mary Roth) It’s a little known fact that many of the most inspiring and deeply spiritual God moments in my life have been brought to me by the eight-year-old living under my roof who sneaks fruit snacks…

Rock and Roll

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I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as agile running uphill as I used to be. Running may not even be the appropriate term. So, as I was trudging swiftly through the park one morning an intriguing…

When You’re Directed Deeper

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  I’m not a savvy skipper. But I’m familiar with “Red, Right Returning,” or known to me as, returning home to safe harbor, from open waters. Depending which side of the boat buoys are on, determines the direction you’re headed, either proceeding…


Pay It Forward

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As we were preparing to launch “Daughters Of The Deep”, the leadership staff (consisting of Bobbi, Cassandra, and I) were learning the “ins and outs” of the fabulous Google Drive system. Folders, Files, and Calendars, Oh My!   Sorry, I…