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For example, the body is one unit and yet has many parts. As all the parts form one body, so it is with Christ. By one Spirit we were all baptized into one body.Whether we are Jewish or Greek, slave or free, God gave all of us one Spirit to drink (1 Corinthians 12:12-13). 

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  • Mrs. Cassandra Gay
    Mrs. Cassandra Gay
    Founder/Community Manager
  • Ryn Tomlinson
    Ryn Tomlinson
    Creative Manager
  • Mrs. Reba Land
    Mrs. Reba Land
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Camille Fontenot
    Camille Fontenot
    Community Assistant
  • Desiree Alvarado
    Desiree Alvarado
  • Emily Arnold
    Emily Arnold
  • Faythe Andrews
    Faythe Andrews
  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes
  • Heather Baxter
    Heather Baxter
  • Ms. Andrea Castillo
    Ms. Andrea Castillo
  • Mrs. Lauren Joy Clark
    Mrs. Lauren Joy Clark
  • Ashley Clifton
    Ashley Clifton
  • Tracy Cooper
    Tracy Cooper
  • Ami Coote
    Ami Coote
  • Ms. Jennifer Dutton
    Ms. Jennifer Dutton
  • Betty Predmore
    Betty Predmore
  • Mrs. Amber Elliot
    Mrs. Amber Elliot
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Even
    Mrs. Elizabeth Even
  • Chelsea Gamble
    Chelsea Gamble
  • Mary Geisen
    Mary Geisen
  • Gina Glenn
    Gina Glenn
  • Sara Hall
    Sara Hall
  • Ashley Hallman
    Ashley Hallman
  • Heather Hancock
    Heather Hancock
  • Ms. April Hargrove
    Ms. April Hargrove
  • Heather Hoerst
    Heather Hoerst
  • Brooke Johnson
    Brooke Johnson
  • Angie Kutzer
    Angie Kutzer
  • Brittanie Latorilla
    Brittanie Latorilla
  • Mrs. Emily Littleton
    Mrs. Emily Littleton
  • Leah Loy
    Leah Loy
  • Annie Thomson
    Annie Thomson
  • Julianna Mathers
    Julianna Mathers
  • Mrs. Jennifer McAndrews
    Mrs. Jennifer McAndrews
  • Mrs. Resealia McKinney
    Mrs. Resealia McKinney
  • Mrs. Stephanie Miller
    Mrs. Stephanie Miller
  • Sue Moore
    Sue Moore
  • Yvonne Morgan
    Yvonne Morgan
  • Amanda Payne
    Amanda Payne
  • Aimee Poché
    Aimee Poché
  • Mrs. Erin Olson
    Mrs. Erin Olson
  • Victoria Riollano
    Victoria Riollano
  • Morgan Ratliff
    Morgan Ratliff
  • Miss Brianna Rogers
    Miss Brianna Rogers
  • Kristy Joy Schoyen
    Kristy Joy Schoyen
  • Crystal Scott
    Crystal Scott
  • Misha Scott
    Misha Scott
  • Susan (Chamberlain) Shipe
    Susan (Chamberlain) Shipe
  • Mrs. Tamar Sloane
    Mrs. Tamar Sloane
  • Tina Kyeremateng
    Tina Kyeremateng
  • Lisa Tindal
    Lisa Tindal
  • Leila Tualla
    Leila Tualla
  • Bailey Walton
    Bailey Walton
  • Melinda Westenfelder
    Melinda Westenfelder
  • Mrs. Hannah Whitaker
    Mrs. Hannah Whitaker
  • Janie Winsell
    Janie Winsell
  • Mrs. J Young
    Mrs. J Young
  • Krista Pettiford
    Krista Pettiford
Mrs. Cassandra Gay
Founder/Community Manager

Cassandra was born and raised in Iowa, but currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband of 7 years, James, and their son and two daughters.

Ministry Service

Cassandra is a member of Journey in Norman Oklahoma. She has served as a Women’s Table Bible Study Leader, Writer, Speaker, and by following her God-given dream of seeing a community of women gather in Jesus’ name. She is the Founder of the “Daughters Of The Deep” blogging community where she serves as the Community Manager.

Ryn Tomlinson
Creative Manager
Hi! My name is Ryn Tomlinson and the longer I talk the more you’ll hear my
Alabama roots come flying forth. 🙂 I’m a former pageant girl with five younger
sisters, an Auburn fan who grew up in enemy territory, and a mama of a dingo that
sings on command. 🙂 I have a deep love of all things interior design. I’m a dreamer, a
writer, and a fierce champion of my people.
Having grown up in the church it came as quite a surprise that my faith & identity
fell out from under me as soon as I walked onto my college campus. I grew up in a
family of divorced parents but what that really meant for me was just extra holiday
parties & extra love. They loved me enough to ensure that I was always involved in
the things I wanted to be involved in & that I was always involved in church.
When I walked onto campus, almost simultaneously my mom & step-dad of 13 years
decided on a divorce that would take quite a while to settle. Almost all of my friends
had left to go to schools far from my hometown & the ones that hadn’t were in
serious relationships with the men that would become their forever loves. While I
couldn’t have been happier for them, it was hard navigating this big new world of
higher academia while my normal was being obliterated. My normal had changed
completely & the foundation on which it was built was the only thing I had left & that
was Jesus.
I’ll never forget the day I misplaced Him. I was standing on my Grandmother’s porch
under the weight of a familial separation that would eventually end in divorce and,
as I looked into a beautiful blue sky I felt my heart say, “What if it’s all just fake?
What if God isn’t really real?” For two years or more I completely lost myself
because I had completely lost the One in whom I had placed my faith. All of my
teachers were atheists & there was so much that I questioned. The dark night of my
soul lasted for what seemed like forever & the darkness got so intense that I
remember talking to people & thinking, “You’re just a bunch of atoms put together &
I’m just imagining this conversation.” I remember being so numb that I thought to
myself, “I can’t wait until winter, maybe I’ll feel something again.” Moral relativity
settled into the chambers of my heart and suddenly nothing mattered anymore. I
began finding my worth in those I dated & eventually dated a guy for three years that
was secretly dating another girl the whole time. The Lord has captured his heart
since & he actually ended up being a significant influence on my pursuit of Jesus.
By the grace of God, I was lifted out of that deep, dark pit & reminded of His love &
for the past several years He’s been walking me into truth & freedom. I went from
not thinking anything mattered to realizing the full truth of how much I mattered to
the God who created me & realizing the relationship that He wanted with me. Jesus
is my freedom & because of what He’s done in my life, people in my family are
realizing their worth. In the past year, three of my five sisters were baptized & the
best part is that Jesus isn’t done yet! Life from death, beauty from ashes, purpose
lifted out of the pit. The resurrected King has resurrected me and life has never
been better.


Mrs. Reba Land
Social Media Coordinator

I am a Florida girl…born and raised. Which makes no sense because I actually hate hot weather!!! I would totally rather be farther north getting cooler weather and actual seasons! I know, I know…very strange!!

I currently live in High Springs, a little town outside of Gainesville. But I was raised in Lake City. My dad was an associate pastor during my later teenage years. My heritage runs very deep in the church, my family is full of pastors and worship leaders and church goers. And for all of that I am very grateful!!

I got married in 1993, right after high school and I have one son, 15 years old. I’m a stay at home mom, but I have my B.S. degree from the University of Florida in advertising. I also went back to school and have my teaching certificate, grades K-6. But, my life right now revolves around sports and beginning the college hunt!! And I love every minute of it!

I love my church, Destiny Community Church in Newberry. I’m very active in our women’s ministry and sing on our praise team. I help plan women’s events and have led a couple of Bible studies. My desire is to see women grow in confidence in the calling God has on their life. No calling is insignificant.

Camille Fontenot
Community Assistant

Camille is a member of several bible studies and is in the process of beginning to lead a study. She was raised as a Catholic Christian believer and has mentored a couple Confirmation candidates. She has just begun to dig much deeper into the Word and loves sharing her passion for Christ with other women.

Though she is degreed in Organizational Communications and Marketing, Camille is currently servicing agents in an insurance community in Baton Rouge. Additionally, she is expanding her career options through current dental assisting schooling. Although she is highly educated and still finding her way, she loves her creative abilities that the Lord provided in arts and writing. She also enjoys travelling and seeing God’s beautiful creations as well as relaxing in a book or biking or running in nature. She is currently a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Denham Springs, LA.

Desiree Alvarado

My name is Desiree and I currently reside in Texas with my husband (of almost 11 years) and our 2
younger children. I am a mother of 4 with our first grandchild on the way (super excited)!! We also
have 2 dogs (Samson and Flash) and 3 cats (Deliah, Henry, and Waffles). I love to cook and bake and just be with my family. Every day is a gift and opportunity to love and I try my hardest to do just that.

Emily Arnold

Emily and her husband, Lyle, live in central Illinois, along with their three handsome boys. Emily has
been involved in several different ministries over the last 22 years. While each area of ministry has been
different, they have all had the same two areas of focus: Lead people to Jesus, and help people
(especially women) who feel that they don’t have a voice. From Icing Smiles, where Emily made and
decorated cakes for terminally ill children, to ARMS, where she worked as an advocate to women who
have been victimized by domestic violence to writing her own blog about the struggles of being a
woman, mother, and Christian, Emily attempts to love as Jesus does. Recently, Emily hosts a growth
group for her church with her husband in their home.

Emily also is a District Manager with Arbonne International. Not only is this her business, but this is also
a ministry for her. She helps women, and men, break free, financially, while sharing her testimony with
others. Emily is a barefoot runner and is currently training to run a RAGNAR race (200+ mile relay) in the
spring. Emily is a certified Christian marriage counselor. While doing all of this, Emily still finds time to
home school all three of her boys and supports their extra-curricular activities.

Faythe Andrews

Faythe and her husband, Ryan, have been married for 13 years, they currently have 12 children, 3
Golden Retrievers, and live in Southwest Florida. They have 8 children (3 of whom they adopted), and 4
foster children. Adoption, fostering, and ministry has been something God has placed in their hearts and
they’re obedient to these causes. They have been involved in various areas of ministry in the church,
having served as assistants, youth directors, children’s church directors, and held various teaching
positions. With Ryan’s current position the family travels to churches recruiting Christians to become
foster parents and bringing God into a system greatly needing Him. Their goal is to help make the church
aware of the needs and opportunities in the foster care system.  They are also a host family for Safe
Families which is a program that helps to keep at-risk and in-need kids and families out of the foster care
system. Faythe and Ryan are working on the launching their ministry, Building Families. Building Families
is a faith-based family ministry whose goal is to help strengthen and restore the family unit. Faythe is also
a homeschool mom and is active in her homeschool group and co-op. Faythe along with her family also
breed and raise Golden Retrievers. She and her family are members of a large multi-site, non-
denominational church that has an outreach focus. She and her children are also members of their local
Community Bible Study (CBS group). Faythe loves evenings at the beach, reading, organizing, and
spending time with her truly one of a kind, God given family.

Ashley Barnes

Hi, my name is Ashley. Im 32, I have been married to my husband for almost 9 years. We have 2 crazy
kiddos. My son is 5 and my daughter is 2. We also this past July added our third pup to our pack. Chaos is the name of our game!!

This past March the Lord answered a big prayer and made a way for me to be home way more. So
thankful to be in full time mommy ministry.

I love the Word of God. I truly believe that from the front cover to the back cover are the precious God
breathed words or our Savior and Redeemer. I love to study and see the things that God has tucked
away to help with “that” moment or when we need to here His love in a special way.
I love to write and I love to share what God is teaching me. I also have a special place in my heart for
women’s ministry. As someone who has felt alone in times of struggle who needed a fellow woman of
Christ to look at me and say “me too”, I desire to create a community filled with the love and grace of
our Jesus. Where we can be His hands in feet in sharing His word to nonbelievers but also use those
same hands and feet to encourage and support His body.

I hope that this bio sounds like an exciting intro to journey that I am sure 2018 is going to be. I am
excited to see what God has for me in the coming year, how He is going to work and change my heart. I
cannot wait to shout it from the rooftop!!

Heather Baxter

Heather became ordained on August 2012 as a Womens teaching Pastor. Her ordination has been her marked moment in life to keep pressing toward the high calling in this life. After a decade of leading women’s studies, mentorship and more in her home and local churches. God nudged her to move her calling forward and outward. HB MINISTIRES was launched in 2012. A ministry that travels and partners with other ministries and ministry events to inspire women in all seasons of life while building the faith.

She is a rising young author and speaker. She wrote and published her first Womens study in 2015 called RUN: Believe, Behold & Become all God has purposed for you. She currently continues to lead mini studies that she writes in her home church Northridge and many local churches. Her growing You Tube channel is also a great tool for communities to come together and do her mini studies or listen to an inspirational devotion!

Heather is currently writing and working on her second book called ALLURE. The study will help others realize that God is drawing them daily into His will for their life. She is excited to partner with Zondervan publishing with this project. Heathers speaking topics are relevant and real. She is convinced that God uses every detail in her season to provide illustrations for His timeless truths for all women. Heather resides in Livonia, Michigan with Her three children Benjamin 20, Brittani 17 and Alivia 15. She has been married for 21 years to her love and ministry partner, Daniel.

Heather’s personal desire and passion is to see other women experience freedom from their bondage of guilt, shame and fear. She wants to INVIGORATE every lady to breath in the vision God has for them in every season of life so they can RUN TO WIN. For more of how her story and calling unfolded grab a copy of her RUN book. Her marriage crisis, shame from abortion and low self worth in her days before she collided with faith will encourage all to see that what the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good in order to bring about this present result!


Ms. Andrea Castillo

Andrea is originally from Guatemala but currently resides in Boston, Ma since 2006.



She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Global Studies, and Minor in Human Resources from Salem State University.


Ministry Service

Andrea currently attends Congregation Lion of Judah. She served in the Royal Rangers Ministry and Sunday Bible School through high school and college. She currently hosts a women’s bible study, teaches Sunday School (1st and 2nd grade), and she serves with the young adults leadership team.

Mrs. Lauren Joy Clark

My name is Lauren Clark and I live in Dallas, TX with my hot hubby, 6 dogs and 1 horse. Like so many little girls, I had an infatuation with these majestic big animals – horses.  I started riding when I was 5 years old and was hooked immediately. Having a horse of my own was always a dream.  That dream became a reality when at 28, I was given my first horse. My horse is a buckskin paint, Quarter horse and is 10 years old.  His name is Bert and “NO” we are not getting another horse and naming him “Ernie”. God uses adventures with my horse to reveal His “Unbridled” love for each of us and I am following His leading by writing these adventures!

Ashley Clifton

Ashley is a Jesus-follower, mother, wife, teacher and writer. She volunteers for an online women’s
ministry, and is an active member of her church, serving on the worship and fellowship committees. She
also is a part of the leadership team starting up a new local MOPS group committed to serving women
of young children and helping them welcome Jesus into their lives.

She has been a life-long believer of Jesus, but within the last 3 years has found renewed faith, which has
led to a new purpose and passion in her day to day life. Ultimately, Ashley’s focus in ministry is for
women and children, but find joy in sharing Jesus’ love with everyone. She is married with 2 young
children, and by day is a high school English teacher.

Tracy Cooper

From former teen mom to teen mentor and former couch potato to half marathoner, Tracy Cooper knows firsthand how God makes all things new. By His grace, she earned a BA in English from Temple University and later a MEd from Grand Canyon University. She is currently working as a high school English teacher. Unexpectedly, devastating back condition diagnosed in 2016 ended her running career. This left her questioning God and feeling defeated. Out of the physical and emotional pain of that injury, her passion for writing was stirred anew after many years of being overshadowed by the demands of work, school and family. She launched her blog Earl Grey and Yellow in April of 2016 and has yet again found that the pain of life becomes beauty for ashes when placed in God’s hands. Happily married since 1995 to her husband Ken, she is the blessed mom of two daughters and a son, aged 25, 11 and 6. She loves Earl Grey tea, camping, hiking, gardening, reading while on the porch swing and dreaming of what God has next for her.

Ami Coote

Ami Coote is the mother of a boy who is passionate about animals and building things. The wife to one video-game playing husband, she spends her days trying to survive the numbers that surround her at work. By night she’s a homework checking, Bible-reading, blog-writing woman with a passion for encouraging others to dig into the word of God.

Ami invites her readers to run their own race of faith – no matter what it looks like. God created unique individuals who serve Him in various ways.

You can read more from Ami at . You may also connect with her on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.

Ms. Jennifer Dutton

Jennifer is head over heels in love with Jesus! She was born and raised in Chino, California but has spent the last 2 years living on the plains in Auburn, Alabama. She currently resides in Frisco, Texas.


She received her BS in Kinesiology from California Baptist University and her MED in Exercise Science from Auburn University. (War Eagle!)


Ministry Service

Jennifer first experienced a relationship with Jesus at Church of the Highlands, but has since moved to Texas and is attending Hope Fellowship. She is a small group leader, student ministries leader, and a prayer warrior!

Betty Predmore

Betty Predmore is a writer, blogger, speaker, and ministry leader. She is Co-founder of the
Women of Virtue Empowerment Network, which is a faith-based non profit organization created
for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging women to find help and hope in Jesus Christ. She
is also founder of Mom-Sense: Making Sense of Motherhood, where she writes and speaks on
motherhood issues.

Betty is a licensed Christ-based counselor who spends her days working with women struggling
with anger, addiction, domestic violence, and custody issues. She works hard to give women
skills to manage life appropriately, reconnect families, and mentor women towards the Cross.
She is also the director of a local Pro-life organization, and strives daily to promote the sanctity
of life in her community.

Betty loves to speak at events, sharing the love of Jesus with other women. She does this
through practical life application mingled with God’s word, and sprinkled with humor. She
enjoys sharing her blogs on social media as a way of reaching out on a broader spectrum.
Social media has given her a platform to reach much farther than her feet could take her.
As an author, she has had the opportunity to impact women and reach deep into their hearts
with her words of inspiration and encouragement. Through Pondering Virtue and Whispered
Grace, she has created wonderful tools for the woman who is seeking direction in her spiritual

While Betty thrives on her ministry opportunities, her greatest blessings come from being a wife
to her beloved husband and a mama to their wonderful collection of children, both biological and
adopted, who bring joy, laughter, and sometimes tears to her days.

Contact Info:
Betty Predmore
840 ChestnutAvenue
Holtville, Ca 92250
(760) 791-4794

Mrs. Amber Elliot

My name is Amber Elliott. I am a mother of two girls, I have my Full Specialist License and am a business owner, a student studying aquaculture and wildlife biology. My husband and I have also completed our marriage mentorship program. I love encouraging younger couples (even older) that transparency is key!
I strive to lead a life of a Proverbs 31 woman, but honestly, I fail sometimes. But I never give up. I want to influence my readers to keep faith and know that we are all fighting the good fight. You are NOT alone. When I write I pray it inspires and sparks authenticity.


Mrs. Elizabeth Even
My name is Elizabeth Even and I became a believer when I was 8 years old. I grew up going
to church and loved it. As a teenager, I loved my youth group and was very involved. When I
went away to university, my faith became even stronger. I was no longer relying on my
parents or my friends. My reliance came from Jesus and the relationship I had with him.
Right now, my family are missionaries in South Africa. We work for an organization called J-
Life. My husband, David and I have been married 20 years. We have 3 children and one
children-in- law. Andrew and Elizabeth live in Arkansas and are expecting their first baby in
August. It’s our first grandchild and we are super excited. Matthew, 18, and Grace,16, live
with us in South Africa. Since becoming a missionary in 2008 (I was a pharmacist before), my
faith has grown. There have been times when I questioned what God was doing in my life
and in the life of my family, but never did my faith waver. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
which means to me that I have a relationship with Him and my sins are forgiven and I live in

Chelsea Gamble

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea Gamble. I am originally from Tupelo, MS, but the good Lord took me to Nashville, TN where I moved to be with my husband. We have been married for two years, and although we do not have children yet, our yorkshire terrier makes us feel like we do! 🙂

I grew up dealing with severe anxiety, and it had come to the point to where it had made me physically ill. It wasn’t until my childhood friend took me to church on Wednesday nights and I let God into heart. From there my entire life changed.

With a passion to write, I became a life-blogger five years ago, and became the founder of A Whole Lot of Jesus last May. Growing AWLOJ has built an amazing and even stronger relationship with our Lord, and I couldn’t be happier.

During the past year, God has called me out of my comfort zone, and I started speaking with small groups and family in Church devotionals. I have also been blessed with the opportunity of doing LIVE videos and teaching the Word of God on social media.

Mary Geisen

Mary Geisen is a lover of coffee and deep, soul-filled conversations. She is the mom of two married sons, a retired teacher, writer, author and seeker of grace in the ordinary. Several years ago, God called her to bravely step out by sharing her journey in written form. The power of God’s words has inspired her journey of healing and drawing closer to God through the power of grace. She continues to walk toward brave faith in her everyday life and encourages others to do the same.

Gina Glenn

Gina Glenn is mom to four nearly grown children. She serves small businesses and ministries as an online business manager. A copywriter and lover of words, she writes for several blogs, including her own. While not a Kentucky native, she has learned to call the Bluegrass her home and in her spare time enjoys study, reading, and visiting used bookstores. She REALLY loves sipping coffee with friends. 

Sara Hall

Sara and her husband, Steven, have been married 10 years. They have a 6 year old son named Dorian, and another baby boy on the way!

Sara is part of the Body of Christ at in Norman, OK where she serves as Prayer Team leader, Equip class teacher, and mentors women and teens. She has a bachelor’s degree in Christian MInistry: Counseling and Biblical Studies. Her life vision statement is, “To help people overcome the emotional barriers that prevent them from having their best possible relationships with God and others.” She does this through helping people discover practical ways to apply Scripture to their everyday lives.


Ashley Hallman

Ashley Hallman lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; with her husband Tim and their daughter Sofia.


She has an Associates degree in healthcare administration

Ministry Service

Ashley Hallman attends Life Church in NW OKC. She is a writer and she is a Creative Assistant with Daughters of the Deep. 


Heather Hancock

Heather has been a committed Christian for 35+ years and counting. In that time she has led women’s small group studies, boundary courses, women’s ministries and served on church councils and various other roles within the churches she has been a part of. Heather’s highly empathic and has always had a heart for women. The last 2 years have seen a transition from healthcare admin work to owning her own Coaching business. The past 7 months have been spent listening and obeying God’s leading to use her spiritual gifts as a Christian Inner Healing Coach, Speaker & Writer. She currently has a blog on her website and is a writer for The Mighty and The Medium (writing articles for the CP community – having lived with Cerebral Palsy since birth), as well as a published author of a short story for Tween girls. Heather’s love of reading began at age 6 and she reads 20+ books per year, including her Bible. She currently attends a Christian Life Assembly Church with her husband and is “Mom” to a beautiful young Torbi cat named, Willow.

Ms. April Hargrove

I am from
     the charming south where people smile as you pass by and strangers become friends

I am from
    a military town, different faces…people always coming and going, to and from different places

I am from
  small country towns, grandma’s homemade potato salad, Smithfield’s BBQ, biscuits with lots of butter, and the smell of bacon that wakes you up in the morning

I am from
  small baptist churches from down the street….from ‘can’t nobody do me like Jesus’ gospel music

I am from
   diversity…from guitars and come as you are….from unity and jean Sunday, every Sunday
where whiteblackasianafrican are 1 race and worship as such

I am from
  ‘put her in dance because she’s so hyper’, tutus and first dance recitals
from pirouettes and love of Alvin Ailey, from dreams of being a Prima Ballerina in Paris
from a little girl twirling in the twilight of her living room….dreaming

I am from Africa;
   slavery and struggle
I am from Europeans and  Native Americans…a merging of cultures

I am from
a German man who picked up and left his home for a new start

I am from lost stories, and records; a sea of unknown roots
I am from a God who knows the beginning of me, and the end of me.

I am from
abuse, but also redemption

I am from lost courage that regained its strength and thrives in me

Heather Hoerst
Heather Hoerst is the founder of Real Life Moms, a ministry devoted to equipping Moms with confidence in who Christ created them to be.  Her dream for this ministry started several years ago when God placed on her heart the need to be “Real.”  As God worked in her life after years of Bible Study, she realized there were many others experiencing the same difficulties. She leaped out of her comfort zone and started Real Life Moms.  Her message originated from her mess, and sparked the passion to lead Moms on a journey of being real. 

She loves teaching God’s Word and the amazing freedom that can be experienced when security is rooted in Christ.  She is a blogger, writer, and speaker who desires to see Moms live real, confident and faithful lives.  She is a contributing writer to Lifeway’s Journey Magazine and enjoys speaking at Mom/Women’s events.

Heather resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two boys.  Her family loves sports and one of her favorite things to do is cheer her much-loved players on.    When she has a spare moment a good run or a good book fills the silence. 

For more information on Real Life Moms, check out Heather’s website at

Brooke Johnson

I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. The wide open spaces motivate me to breathe deeper and run farther than I think possible. One of my greatest joys is loving on my niece and two nephews. They remind me how great it is to be a kid again.

I earned my B.A. Secondary Education English degree from Wichita State University & my M.L.A. Literature degree from Baker University. I teach high school English Language Arts and ESL students in an urban district. My job allows me to support students as they each continually learn, try new skills, fall in love with reading and write in new ways they once thought impossible.

I have experience in leading high school, college age, and women’s bible studies, small groups, and discipleship relationships. I am also encouraged each time I teach and speak at retreats focused on teenage girls. I am a contributor of a chapter in the book Valiant Men Valued Women: A Small Book of Truths for Every Man & Every Woman by Ryan McCoskey. Using story and scripture to write and teach simultaneously excites me and humbles me.  

Angie Kutzer

“Inspire” is the single most important action that Angie Kutzer strives to live out every day.   Her passion is to inspire others in ways that will enhance their enjoyment of life.   Angie has a deep desire to help people make positive life choices, learn to persevere through life’s inevitable challenges, and to know the deep and personal, life-changing, power of true forgiveness.

Angie started FromMyLifeToYourHeart ministries in 2015, in order to share her faith and life with others.  She has a Blog about Christianity and Motherhood, is an Author, Freelance Writer, and Public Speaker.

Living in rural North Dakota with her husband, two sons, farm cat, and many deer, wild turkeys, and pheasant; and finds her inspiration from being in God’s beautiful creation!   Angie sings in her church’s worship band and teaches women’s group Bible studies often.  Her favorite times of day are any time spent snuggling with her boys, and those 2 a.m. conversations with God that lead her to get up, sit down at her desk, and write feverishly until dawn.

Brittanie Latorilla

Brittanie Latorilla – Miscarriage and rejection survivor  – 3 John 2 “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

Mrs. Emily Littleton

Emily Littleton was born and raised in her favorite city, St. Louis, Missouri. She sees life as an adventure as she navigates parenting two boys with her husband.

Emily attends The Crossing in St. Louis.  While her husband helps to pastor the Church, she gets to be the ultimate volunteer.  Her heart is with her youth girls but she can also be found serving on the worship team and writing curriculum and teaching every now and then in various places around the church.

Emily started writing just to remember the milestones in her boys’ lives but found that God teaches her through her writing as she processes through everyday life as a mom, wife, and neighbor in this ever changing world.

Leah Loy

Leah Loy is the wife of a Southern Baptist pastor. She has been married for 25 years and has
the most amazing 14 year old daughter. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a
Masters in Reading. She currently teaches for VIPKid, which is a company that hires teachers in
the USA to teach children in China to speak English through the internet using math, social
studies, science, and grammar content.

Leah has led many Bible studies, taught Sunday school for most ages, and has led several
women’s retreats over the years as she ministers beside her husband. She is currently the
media person for her church which she loves doing.

When Leah is not teaching in the early morning hours, you can find her reading, writing, or Bible
and hymnal journaling. Mixed media art is her passion and she loves to worship the Lord
through this art form. Leah is currently in the process of writing a children’s historical fiction

Annie Thomson
Julianna Mathers

Julianna Mathers is a speaker, writer, and ladies Bible study teacher who is passionate about encouraging women.  She has instructed little girls, teens, and adult women for the past 20 years through discipleship, Sunday school, and in-depth ladies Bible study. Along with her husband, she has co-taught couples and hosted a life group in her home for five years. She’s had the privilege of sharing her miracle adoption and mothering stories with hundreds of women through speaking events. 

With her relatable, poignant and funny style, she loves to challenge, dream with and draw women into a deeper knowledge of scripture and a more intimate relationship with the Lord.   

Julianna graduated from the University of Virginia and spent 11 years working in corporate America before becoming a wife and mom.  She is married to Dwight Mathers, a retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain and is the mother of two wonderful adopted children.  In her free time she loves decorating and re-decorating her home, cooking big messy meals, writing about God’s lavish grace, and exploring blogging.  Julianna and her family have recently relocated to Dallas, TX where she is a member of Prestonwood Baptist Church.  She is also active in Bible study with Riverstone Ministries, a ministry centered around her neighborhood. 

Mrs. Jennifer McAndrews

Mrs. Jennifer McAndrews is from Indianapolis. She currently resides in Westfield, Indiana,  with her husband Patrick with their children Maggie, Mairin, and Molly Kate.


She has her Master’s in Elementary Ed/Reading Inst.- Ball State U. undergrad- Elementary and Special Ed- Butler University.  

Ministry Service

Mrs. Jennifer McAndrews attends Grace Community Church. She is a Bible Study Leader, Sunday School teacher, and a writer.   

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

Hey girlfriends, I’m Resealia.  I think I’m the only one you’ll ever meet. I’m often asked if my name has any meaning.  It doesn’t.  My dad creatively named me using partly his name and his mother’s name.

I am a happy wife to my husband of almost fourteen years.  I am Mama to Reese Madison.  Although I may never lay eyes on her sweet face again here on earth; I’m confident I will see my sweet angel again.  I am a soon-to-be mama in whatever way God chooses to fulfill this desire of my heart. 

As a counselor by profession, I have a special interest in Marriage and Family Therapy.   I enjoy learning, teaching, speaking, writing and encouraging through my work and ministry opportunities.  My favorite ministry opportunities are to minister hope and healing to women and marriages.

I love all things feminine and great authentic conversation (no pretenses).  Discussions with real down-to-earth women refresh me.  I especially enjoy women who aren’t afraid to live life out loud and open themselves to community.  Transparency, in my opinion is a gift to any relationship.

I cherish Sunday naps after an awesome meal.  Italian and Southern cuisine rank high on my list of food preferences.   I am trying to watch my carb intake and I’m slowly learning what all the ‘clean eating’ craziness is all about!  I’m not a coffee girl, but I love tea!  That hug in a cup speaks my love language.

I can go on and on about my likes/dislikes, etc.  But at the end of the day, it’s not what really matters. What matters most is the honor I’ve been given to be a part of His story (the Gospel of Jesus Christ).  You won’t find me in the Bible, but He has made my story relevant; just as real.  A living epistle of sorts for those in my sphere of influence to read.  A story that teaches me hard lessons and can teach others.  To strengthen, to hope, to live life for Him. 

I love the opportunity to write monthly for this awesome community of women, Daughters of the Deep.  I can’t wait to see all God is going to do through this ministry!

I also blog at my personal blog, The Heart Spa,

Mrs. Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is a personal and spiritual growth coach, also known as a Christian life coach. Her coaching ministry, Butterfly Beginnings partners with women who are ready to transform into the person God has called them to be! Learn more about her ministry and blog  at The aim of her writing is to encourage women and challenge them to grow closer to God and in community with each other. Her heart’s desire is Hebrews 10:24, And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

Stephanie is the mother to two adorable golden doodle pups, the wife of a busy army dentist, and an uprooted Buckeye transplanted in the “deep south”.

She serves at her local church as a pastoral caregiver, small group leader, and discipleship coach. When she is not chasing her dogs around or writing or reading, she enjoys coffee or lunch with friends, being active outdoors and baking.

The verse that changed her life is Jeremiah 29:11, unsure of what her purpose was after moving away from family and starting a new life, this verse gave her hope and promise that God has kept to her by empowering her to boldly step out of her comfort zone to encourage others through her writing and coaching. You can also follow her on

Sue Moore
Sue Moore resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband of 29 years, Michael. They have been blessed with four sons. Joseph is 25, Terrence, 23, Eric, 21 and Jack, 13. The Moore family is rounded out with their 4 dogs and a cat. 
Sue attended Canisius College and the State University of NY at Buffalo. Family is a priority for Sue and she devotes a great deal of time to being a mom and wife. 
As a child Sue loved being by her fathers side volunteering at church fish frys, barbecues, grounds clean up days and attending Sunday School and serving as an acolyte. Those endearing memories paved the way for her love and passion for community in church; particularly with children, the elderly and neighbors in need. Sue is a 12 year member of Assurance UMC and has been a long time Children’s Ministry servant, VBS Leader, Glue Glitter and God Art Camp Leader as well as Room In the Inn volunteer. Sue spends her holidays volunteering for Salvation Army Angel Tree and enjoys helping bring the joy and miracle of the season to those who need it most. 
Aside from spending time with family and church activities, Sue enjoys writing, photography, painting, cooking gardening and her newest adventure-sewing. 
Yvonne Morgan

I am a wife, a mom of two grown daughters and one son who lives with Jesus. I recently became a grandmother for the first time. I am passionate about missions and sharing the amazing stories of seeing Christ in action on my mission journeys. God led me to setup a charity almost 20 years ago and now we cares for orphans in Nepal and Myanmar. I blog weekly on topics related to my mission work on my personal blog. I spoke for the first time at a three day women’s conference in Myanmar as the sole speaker. Over 500 women attended and we pray for the conference to become an annual event. When I am not on the mission field, I work full time. I hope my stories inspire you to reach out and be the hands and feet of Christ to someone.

I am also an author. My book, Turning Mountains into Molehills, tells my story as it follows a path from personal devastation to personal triumph through God’s call to mission and serving others through ministry. The fears, disappointments, and heartaches are all detailed in this adventure about how God’s calling beckoned me to continue on with the mission no matter what troubles arise. Ultimately, God shows me how to turn mountains into molehills.

Amanda Payne

Amanda is an adventurous spirit who loves people well. She is passionate about helping women step into the calling and purpose for which God has created them. She believes that growth always follows our struggles and that there isn’t much that can’t be fixed by a long nap and a strong cup of coffee.

Amanda lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Kyle and her Chiweenie, Chico. She attends LifePoint Church where she leads a small group with her husband. She also serves in Women’s Ministry, Worship Programming, and Sending.

Amanda enjoys painting, hand lettering, and writing. When she’s not behind a desk creating, she can usually be found going on a road trip, reading a book, or spending time outside.

Aimee Poché

Aimee’ and her husband Tommy have been married for 18 years and have eight children God blessed by adoption and birth.  Aimee’ can sum up her life with this scripture: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Galatians 2:20. Aimee’s life is His, the One who loves her and gave Himself for her. In return, Aimee’ wants to be all God wants her to be and do all God wants her to do on this side of Heaven.

Aimee’ is passionate about His word, family and being a part of the solution of the fatherless in our world. Aimee’ and her husband have led His Heart for Orphans adoption ministry at their local church for the past 13 years where they have helped many families adopt their sons and daughters.  Through the years of advocating for the fatherless from around the world, Aimee’ then founded the Louisiana Heart Gallery where she and a team of passionate Christ-followers advocate for the adoption of children in the local foster care system (  Aimee’ is also one of the Louisiana Coordinators of Orphan Sunday, a nationwide movement which seeks to make the Gospel visible as Christians explore and respond to God’s heart for the orphan in adoption, foster care, and global orphan ministry.  In 2016, Aimee’ was honored to be a recipient of the Angels in Adoption Award in Washington D.C. as part of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Along with focusing on finding forever families for children without Moms and Dads, Aimee’ occasionally can be found speaking at women bible studies and small groups.  You can also find Aimee’ at and where she blogs about God’s word, Motherhood, Prayer, and Adoption.

Aimee’s prayer is to encourage and equip you no matter what season of life you find yourself in.  She believes God wants to raise each of you up and flow through you to impact your family and others.

Mrs. Erin Olson

Erin Olson’s primary job as a homemaker consists of serving her husband, Scott, her three children, and three Havanese pups. She volunteers in the women’s and children’s ministries, teaches Bible study, and is the Director of the Pastors’ Class Bible Fellowship class at her church, Prestonwood Baptist Church. She also leads a women’s Bible study in her neighborhood. She is a conference and luncheon speaker for groups ranging from students to senior adults. There are many ministries, missionaries, and children in the United States and around the world that have a piece of her heart and support.

Erin launched her blog, Sandalfeet Ministries, January 2012 ( She is also a contributing writer on several Christian blogs. Erin is the author of two books: a 10-week Bible study, Forgiveness – Unforgiveness: Revealed Through Your Fruits and a devotional, Sit at His Feet: Choose What is Better. She has several more books in the works. In addition to her writing, Erin has a ministry podcast available on iTunes (Sandalfeet Ministries).

Before staying at home with her children, Erin worked as a corporate/intellectual property paralegal for large firms and corporations for close to a decade.

Erin has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Regis University (Denver, CO) and a master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (Lynchburg, VA). She is also an Ordained Minister. Erin and her family reside in Dallas, TX.

Victoria Riollano

My name is Victoria Riollano. However, I love to call myself Victory! I am a mother of five beautiful children and a proud military spouse! Go Coast Guard! Although I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia I currently reside in the Washington, DC area. 

          As a preacher’s granddaughter,  I grew up as no stranger to basic Christian ideas. However, I truly spent many years confused about who God was and what it meant for me. At the age of 19, I accepted Christ and was baptized at Church of The Harvest International. Since then, I have served as assistant youth minister, middle school coordinator, MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) assistant coordinator, and more! My most rewarding ministry  experiences have been serving alongside my husband, Joseph as a youth minister and helping to start a brand new church called Relentless! I currently serve as an office administrator and worship leader at Relentless DC.

       In addition to my work in ministry, I have made education a priority in my life. I have attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and a Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology. I love learning about personality and behavior and recognizing how God created us all so intricately unique. This love has helped to become a Psychology professor at Toccoa Falls College. In addition, I have found a true love for speaking to local mom’s groups, and ministering to churches in the DC area through worship.

        My true passion is that every person I encounter experiences the love of Christ. I believe that God’s desire is that every person become one who can walk in true victory. The defeated life that is lonely, confused, and lackluster is not for those who know who they are in Christ. My hope is that each moment of inspiration that the Lord gives me for this page will be to help YOU realize that you are victorious. And when you begin to walk in victory in your life, you can’t help but tell the world! He has delivered me from being depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, and so much more…His  love for me makes it impossible to keep quiet! This is why I have a passion for writing. This is the Lord’s unique way of allowing me to tell the world of His great love! 

Morgan Ratliff

Morgan is an aspiring high school teacher. Though Morgan didn’t come to know Christ at all
until her later teens she is an active voice for him now. She is involved in her youth programs
at her non-denominational church in Michigan by leading small groups for the high school and
middle school girls during her weeks. She has also began joining a ministry mission on her
campus, to bring down boundaries across any ethnicity to bring the good word of Jesus. Morgan
loves people, always has, and always will. That’s one of the reason why she wants to be a
teacher. She wants to show her future students that they have worth, and that they can achieve
their dreams. Morgan’s purpose is to show that Jesus loves you no matter what your past is, no
matter what you have done, and that he can make beautiful things from a mess. She truly
believes and knows Jesus saved her life, and she wants to see the transformation in others.

Miss Brianna Rogers

My name is Brianna Rogers, I go by Brianna Nicole (briannanicollle) on all of my social medias. I am 21 years old and I enjoy hiking, listening to music, writing, and hanging out with friends. I am a YouTuber, blogger, and of course I am so in love with my savior.

My favorite book of the Bible is probably John, or Colossians, Or Nehemiah, or all three. But, Nehemiah is my favorite person in the Bible. I have two life verses, and the first one is Colossians 3:3, “For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” The second one is, John 11:4, “When He heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that the Son may be glorified through it.””   

I have been a Christian my whole life, but it didn’t become real until last year. I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life, in high school I struggled with a self harm and starving myself addictions. I am two years clean, and fully loving Christ. I am learning that people aren’t perfect and they will hurt you, but all that hurt will bring me closer to the One who will never hurt me.

Self love, seeing yourself the way that God sees you is such an important thing to me. Which is why I created PlayOnInfinity, my blog. ( I am using it to reach girls who don’t feel loved and who don’t see them as the beautiful creations they are.

I love writing and I really hope to write a few books in my life if it’s in God’s plan.

Kristy Joy Schoyen

Born and raised in Canada’s Capital, Kristy Joy has been blessed by a life full of love and laughter.  She met her husband while completing her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology in British Columbia, and together they vowed to travel the world. In the meantime, they’ve been married for 14 years, moved back to Ottawa, have one bright and vibrant son, and have seen eight countries together… so far so very very good!

About four years ago, a monkey wrench was thrown into Kristy’s life when she was in a car accident and sustained a Minor Traumatic Brain Injury. As a result, she left the bustling life of a working mom to stay home and heal. While the healing journey continues, God has revealed the most tremendous of bright sides – Kristy has discovered a great calling in her life to Art and Write. God put a seed in her heart to start worshipping through art, which grew into sharing that art and the heart changing processes behind it on her Instagram account. And, as we all know, God is always one to keep us on our toes; soon the passion grew in Kristy’s heart to start writing more personal and in-depth devotional content – and here we are today.


Fun Facts About Kristy:

  • She’s been on short term Missions trips to Cuba and China. She dreams of one day doing a “Mommy and Son” mission trip when her son gets a little older.
  • When she was a teenager she took opera singing lessons. She used to sing on the worship team at church (but not operatically).
  • She had never ever painted before she started Bible Journaling approximately two years ago.
  • Her life verse is:  Jeremiah 29:11 (and surrounding verses) “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ “


Crystal Scott
Crystal is an inspiring Christian writer and speaker, who loves serving God by helping others learn to trust and rely on God. Crystal states, “I love being able to encourage women to trust God and to truly listen for His voice in their own lives, but I know I cannot do that on my own that is why I let God lead me and give me the strength to be able to carry out His will for my life.” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13, is Crystal‘s life verse and she lives by that verse. Without the strength that God provides her on a daily basis, she would not be able to accomplish what God has called her to do.
Crystal is a stay at home mom who enjoys homeschooling her three daughters, Marissa, Rebekah, and Chelsey and she has three stepsons, Aaron and daughter-in-love Brea, Eric and daughter-in-love Cheyenne, and Daniel, . She has been married for 19 years to Tim, and they enjoy raising their family in a loving, Christ-centered home. They enjoy family game nights, movie nights, and all other family activities and they enjoy monthly date nights, that allow them the time to focus on keeping the marriage alive. Crystal is a Lay Pastor and leads a group of volunteers at her church.
Misha Scott

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Misha was an outgoing child who learned to express her deepest thoughts in
writing. Throughout her Christian walk Misha has enthusiastically led many ministries, including: youth
and young adult ministry, creative arts ministry, social media ministry, education ministry and women’s
ministry. She is a poet and writer of the blog entitled: “LadyMi: Thoughts of My Heart”. There Misha’s
writings focus on Christian living, spiritual growth, Christian relationships, and discipleship.

Misha has received her Master of Education degrees at Bowling Green State University and has been
endowed with awards like the Woman of Excellence Award and the OABSE Principal of the Year. Misha
recognizes that her daily ministry consists of being a Christ-led, educational administrator, in an inner
city setting. There she has served in the capacities of speaker, mentor, teacher, academic coach, adjunct professor and principal. She believes that her calling is to “speak life” into people and empower them to live out their purpose. Through her writings Misha is able to accomplish this task, while leading people to Jesus Christ for healing, deliverance and revelation.

In her downtime, Misha enjoys relaxing spa days and clowning around with her family. She currently
resides in the DMV area, where Misha attends The City of Praise Family Ministries in Landover,

Susan (Chamberlain) Shipe

I am an encourager with a heart for women. My devotion-journal, A Pruned Branch, was self-published in 2004 and is a compilation of 365 devotions for women in all walks of life.  APB is full of practical principles for all, from the baby Christian to the mature believer. I have self-published ten books to date, including the 31-Days Series – all can be found on Amazon.

The Lord delivered a message of Hope deep within my soul in 2002. Jesus, the Hope-giver met me in my hour of need and my heart overflowed with hope – the theme of my life since that time has been HOPE!

I am the mother of three adult children, grandmother (a/k/a Mimzy) to 21-year old Hannah and 14+ year old Simon, and I am the wife of one man and together we share our love with one awesome dog, Sam! My husband, Lowell, and I attend Community Church in Mountain City, Tennessee. I enjoy writing, reading, organic gardening, traveling, and spending time with our family. I can be found musing and sharing at

I love the Lord with every fiber of my being and my life’s purpose is: That I may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians 1:10 (NKJV) My life vision is: I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth. 3 John 4

Mrs. Tamar Sloane

Tamar and her husband host a weekly life group on Friday that has been hosting most members for 7 plus years.  Additionally, she leads a women’s study, a Self-Confrontation group and writes the devotional social media posts for the Church.  Throughout her time as a follower of Jesus, Tamar has been active on Worship Teams and in Children’s Ministries.  She began writing women’s studies in 2013 (while part of a church plant group), launched her ministry (TSM) in 2015 and taught her first retreat (RELEVANT-Park City, UT) in 2016.  In 2017, Tamar will teach the WHEN Retreat series and a multi-lingual Spanish retreat (CONSIDER—Salt Lake City, UT).  Ultimately, Tamar’s ministry focus is first and foremost Christ, and her passion is to present and unadulterated Bible focused message.   In the public arena, Tamar published her first full-length narrative/expository teaching and a ten-day Advent Devotional in 2016.  2017 marks the year of publication for two additional Bible-based narratives/expositions.  

Though she is a licensed school administrator in the state of Utah, Tamar is an educator serving children in a Title I institution on the west side of SLC.  Her resume speaks of degrees in vocal music, education, and ample post graduate education.  She is an avid reader of more than 50 books a year on average (including the Bible from beginning to end). Along with her family, Tamar is an active member of a non-denominational Christian Church in Salt Lake City, UT.

Tina Kyeremateng

Tina was born in London, UK but grew up in Nigeria after her parents returned there. She has since returned to London where she currently resides.

She became a Christian after having been forced to attend a church programme by a friend. She decided to attend just ONCE (or so she thought) and met the Lord there. Her life has never remained the same since.

She is studying Kingdom Theology with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC). Her passion is teaching the word of God. She only found out she had the gift of teaching when it was pointed out to her by her former pastor. She is also on a mission to get more people to read the Bible so they won’t be spiritually deceived by the unscrupulous few. She does a Bible read thru’ every year.
She writes a daily article called ‘1 minute with Tina’ which she puts on her Facebook page and via Whatsapp.
Her husband, Matthew is a trainee pastor, about to be ordained. They have 5 children – 2 girls and 3 boys.
Lisa Tindal

Lisa Anne Tindal is the Executive Director of a non-profit that advocates for those with mental
illness, supports women and children who are homeless and provides critical education and
support regarding suicide prevention. Lisa’s motivation for helping others comes from the truth
of “But for the grace of God, there go I.” Lisa is married and has two adult children, one a
teacher and the other a Senior in college. Lisa feels it is a calling, for each of us, to recognize the
treasures God’s planted inside us to be developed and used to turn others towards Christ. It’s
grace, amazing grace that has sustained me so that I am fully pursuing what I consider my two
treasures, writing and painting. I pray for my borders to be enlarged through opportunity and I
consider each opportunity given me is a chance to say, “thank you, God.” for giving me this
ability that so nourishes my soul and hopefully the souls of others.

Leila Tualla

Leila Tualla is a Filipino American writer, poet, and Christian author. She is a 2 time Preeclampsia Survivor and Advocate, and blogs about “Life after Preeclampsia,” at After her second baby, Leila had postpartum depression. She is thankful that her family and those who supported her, stood with her and helped pull her out of her darkness. Her faith in Christ was, and continues to be, her daily lifeline. Leila is humbled and grateful for God’s saving Grace.

When she’s not writing about her Preeclampsia or postpartum journey, or chasing after her tiny miracle bosses, she can also be found buried in books. Leila reads various novels throughout the year and her book reviews can be found at

Bailey Walton

Bailey Walton currently resides in Alabama.


She is currently studying social work at Troy University,

Ministry Service

Bailey Walton attends Destiny Community Center. She is also a writer.


Melinda Westenfelder

Melinda and her husband, Tim, have been happily married for 7 years. They reside in Northeast Ohio with their 5 year old daughter, Amelia Jane, 3 year old son, Harrison and lovable English Bulldog, Agatha Rose.

Melinda is currently a stay-at-home Mom (SAHM), who holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Malone University. Her family regularly attend Northeast Community Church of the Nazarene. She enjoys reading, writing, crafting, sewing, and playing endless board games with her husband in her spare time. She is passionate about giving to others as a way to share the love of Christ. Her goal through her writing its to provide others with a sense of community, communality, reassurance, and deep message of God’s saving grace for each of us.


Mrs. Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whittaker is married to Daniel of 11 fantastic years. She is the mother to their 3 boys, 1 girl, and another on the way.


Hannah has a BA in Early Childhood Education.

Ministry Service

She attends Connection Pointe Christian Church. She also is a meal maker and fill the gap-per. She also writes for

Janie Winsell

Janie Winsell is a Christian author who lives in Tanner, Alabama with her spunky cat, Angelous. She’s been making up stories since she first learned to speak. Her free time is spent writing Contemporary Inspirational fiction, Romance, and Romantic Suspense. In 2014 she received her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She is a member of ACFW and active in the critique main loop. She enjoys writing about real Christians who, like her, are not perfect, but through God’s love and discipline, they learn the lessons needed to grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father as well as with each other.

Mrs. J Young

Mrs. J Young currently resides in Greenwood, IN with her husband, Jason.


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from Indiana University, and works as a Digital Marketing Strategist for a technology firm.

Ministry Service

Mrs. J Young is a children’s book author and inspirational Christian writer. She has written columns, articles and papers for various publications for the past 17 years.
She,also, writes for the “Blingspiration” blog where she encourages tweens to fight for purity, identity, and wholesome romance.

Krista Pettiford

KRISTA PETTIFORD is a worshiper and follower of Jesus, a divorced mom of four young adults and a
woman of prayer with a prophetic grace. Krista is the host of Called women’s Conference, an award-
winning author and a speaker. She is also the women’s ministry leader and a prayer leader at her
local church– New Covenant Tabernacle she’s been a member since 2000.

Krista holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary. She also holds a degree in
Information Technology. By day she is an IT Manager for a large company in the San Diego area
where she lives. 

Krista knows what it’s like to overcome challenging circumstance through laying hold of Biblical truth
and deepening her relationship with God as Father. By allowing God’s love, acceptance, and beauty
to shape her identity and the way she lives her faith, God’s grace and glory continues to fill her story! 
Krista writes and ministers with a solid Biblical message and the leading of the Holy Spirit. She is
dedicated to leading women into a deeper relationship with the triune God and helping them
become the women God created them to be and live their God-given callings effectively.
You can find out more about Krista at