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The Testimony of Mrs. Tehia Worley

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I was raised in a non-denominational church in Norman, Oklahoma. This church was also the place where I gave my life to Christ at the age of 12. I was water baptized in the sanctuary after I made this declaration….

The Testimony of Mrs. Mary Roth

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  I have “known” Jesus for what I would say to be all of my life. I was a preacher’s kids (PK), and don’t ever remember a time that I didn’t darken the door of every service, event, revival, Vacation…

The Testimony Of Mrs. Stephanie Miller

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I grew up with an alcoholic father and in a codependent household. I never knew what type of environment I was walking into at home, I constantly walked on eggshells all of the time, basically playing peacemaker and keeping to…

The Testimony of Mrs. Resealia McKinney

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As a child, I was raised in church. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t either learning something about God, singing about Him or participating in some type of church activity.  I grew up having good morals and integrity being…

The Testimony of Andrea Castillo

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I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I was born into a Christian family and have never really strayed from my faith. I thought I had no testimony until I realized that is exactly  what the enemy wants me to…