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Persistence Pays Off

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Society inspires us today to be persistent at all costs.  We’re inspired to chase our dreams; to go for the gold.  Men and women alike work themselves to the bone to move to the top of their company.  Everyone wants…

Living in the Past

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My first born baby is a senior in high school. At our house, he is in the throes of college applications, college entrance exams, and all other manner of preparing for his future. It is an exciting season where the…

Hiding Spiritual Gifts

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    Have you ever been embarrassed of something really ridiculous like a gift that you have or for something at which you have worked hard? Have you ever tried to hide or severely downplay that gift? I have. My home…

Dents and Memories

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(image courtesy of Mary Roth) It’s a little known fact that many of the most inspiring and deeply spiritual God moments in my life have been brought to me by the eight-year-old living under my roof who sneaks fruit snacks…