Being A Woman


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As I was doing dishes in the kitchen, a dish fell and shattered, as it did I burst into tears. There was nothing else I could do in that moment, in two short weeks I had become so helpless and…

Living in the Past

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My first born baby is a senior in high school. At our house, he is in the throes of college applications, college entrance exams, and all other manner of preparing for his future. It is an exciting season where the…

Forever Friend

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People come and go, but God will stay forever. This is a sentence I have found to be true. I have had many friends that have came into my life that I thought would stay over the last 20 years….

He Called a Woman

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    About a week ago, I sat at my desk on the phone, giving biblical counsel to a woman who is dying from terminal brain cancer. The same woman,  who I gave counsel to a couple of months ago…


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  I remember in like 9th grade I was going through a really awful stage every preteen girl goes through.  I was a really awkward kid and I had moved around a lot, going into the new school year I…

We Get A Woman’s Day?

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Hey all! Just so happens that my first blog post I am writing is around the time of Women’s Day here in South Africa. Many of you may not know that I live in South Africa as a missionary with…

Wonder Woman

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God is first. He is always first but then managing the rest of my life can be a struggle. If I did not put God first, there is no way I could handle my life. I am one of those…