Faith On the Mountains

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Hebrews 11:1 tells us, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV) For us, as sisters in Christ, our faith is rooted in His promise.  The blessed assurance of salvation….

Smudged Lenses

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Sometimes it’s hard, isn’t it? It’s hard to smile when the weight of the day is pressing in on you. It’s hard to pick up the pieces of life when they are scattered all over.   It is easier to turn…

My Favored Companion

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Who are your friends?  Your tribe?  Do you have many- cramming your calendar with social functions?  Are you selective- keeping your circle small and close?  Maybe you prefer the company of those you’ve known the longest and can count them…

Finding Fearless

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Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming… Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? She was the beautiful blue fish that accompanied Marlin on his quest to find his son, Nemo. She suffered from short-term memory loss. There is a beauty to Dory…

Wash Your Face

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Sideways glances, hushed whispers, awkward introductions… It’s a sea of judgment and no one is offering a life preserver. We pretend not to notice, put on our game faces for the benefit of others and move on, but the sting…

Made New Series- Love Well

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January is the month of good intentions. The month begins strong, coming off weeks of holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and hot cocoa, then fizzles into “shouldas”, “wouldas”, and “couldas”. Throw in some “if onlys” and you have the recipe for…

Unwrapping Grace

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The holiday season has arrived with all of her twinkling lights, perfect packages, and bright bows. If it’s the gifts that usher in the spirit of Christmas, then the season has been in full swing for far longer than we…