“Do you have any idea how loved you are?”

These words from Stacey Thacker’s ‘When Grace Walked In,’ stopped me in my tracks. As a girl who has struggled with her self-esteem and now wrestles with her identity, the question requires an answer. Events in my life flashed through my head, I could see God pursuing me – even when I didn’t want him to. He loved me when I was at my most unlovable.

He chased me when I ran from him. As a girl who loves romance novels and movies, I am most pleased when the girl finally gets the guy of her dreams. I love the chase. I love the way the hero convinces the heroine that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and there’s nobody else for him. So why don’t I believe God when he tells me the same thing?

Why don’t I believe God when he calls me his beloved; when he tells me I’m his child and the apple of his eye?

Is that you my friend? Are you struggling to believe that you are incredibly loved by an awesome God? Are you trying to shrug off the lies that you are unloved and unlovable? Me too. But God has not left us alone. He has written us a 1200-page love letter. There are 1189 chapters, 31, 173 verses and approximately 807, 370 words. Surely we can find some words to encourage a doubtful heart.

It starts with these words: in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

He made a whole world for you, for me, for us. He filled it with plants and animals and light. Only good things were in that world that he created for his beloved children. Unfortunately, the perfect world that God created did not stay that way. Satan came and twisted things and caused another woman to doubt the things that she knew about God.

Because of sin, the world now has bad things along with the good. The beauty is that the good remains and it far outweighs the bad. Someday, Jesus will return and restore the perfection of the earth (Revelation 21:1-5). He will remove death, sadness, mourning, and tears. In the meantime, He asks us to grow in our identity and in our faith as we continue to walk with him.

Each word of the Bible was written with deliberation. They were written to show us the love that we have access to. They reveal to us a God who wants nothing more than to love us and be loved by us. It reveals the greatest love story ever told. One where the prince gives up everything for his beloved, including his life.

God loves you, my friend. Won’t you read a few pages of his love letter today?