I was wonderfully invited to join a Mom’s group at my friend’s church. I’ve been having headaches the past few days and Ellie’s is still recovering from her sickness and Ro reminded me that he was deep in the “terrible two phase.” Needless to say, I resolved to write a quick text that I wasn’t going to be able to go. But then I noticed Ro follow sister around, wanting to play. I noticed big sister obliging but when I asked her what she wanted to do and she said ‘play with friends and Ro can meet new friends.’


Whatever selfish thoughts I had flew out the window and we got dressed as fast as a mom having to dress a toddler could go. Luckily for us, the church was two miles away and I was able to make the five minute drive without a problem!

There wasn’t really anything EXTRAORDINARY about this church and this mom’s group. But wouldn’t you know that God wanted me there to listen to a woman talk about how we become comfortable with our lives and our FAITH that the inevitable happens? We become so COMFORTABLE of where we are, or where we think we are, that we stop caring. We become complacent. We stop caring about what the Bible teaches us (because we know it already, right), and we become complacent about what our God is telling us that we start to mirror the lives of everyone else. Society. We become a herd for the different shepherd.

 She dared us, moms of different ages and backgrounds, to be uncomfortable with our Faith. So uncomfortable, in fact, that we have to constantly and consistently cling on to God. This will strengthen our confidence to put EVERYTHING in His hands.


“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

 – James 1:22


I admit that there are days where I don’t pray. Days and months go by before my Bible is open. I’ve had moments of doubts every second of the day.

I am comfortable going to church. I’m an introvert and I am UNCOMFORTABLE being in a fellowship. However, they are NOT mutually exclusive.

I am comfortable reading my Bible. I am UNCOMFORTABLE witnessing to strangers.

I am comfortable going to a Christian concert, praising, singing and joyfully acknowledging my Lord and Savior.

I am UNCOMFORTABLE wearing a talisman, a cross or anything that speaks about my faith.

I am comfortable blowing my time reading through my social media feeds. I am uncomfortable using those minutes in silence and gratitude for our Lord.

We need to be uncomfortable. Faith is constantly evolving as we grow in age and in our experiences. 

Just because you are saved doesn’t mean you have gotten a free pass to Heaven. Don’t sit at church believing ‘you’ve got this,’ and ignore the fact that there are people outside that sanctuary who are hungry, who have never heard of salvation, or never saw a kind face. 

Let’s dare to take a journey into our faith, and find God, and salvation beyond the scope of our comforts.