Lately, I have felt like I questioned the presence of God in my life.   I mean, I attend church weekly and meet with my bible study girls.  My devotional time is regular.  Prayer is a constant conversation throughout my days.  Still…….where is the fire that I normally feel brewing in my soul.  The one that yearns to know Jesus like no body’s business. 

Ever been there?  Are you there now?   

During this moment of time, my pastor kept telling us how prayer, worship,  and reading our bible was so important to get to know Jesus.  You know, I feel God’s presence when I am there at church….but I want more….I want a constant determination to scream Jesus is Lord! 

So my knees became bloody with purpose to really listen to Jesus as well as give him acclamation with gratitude.  My voice began to sing to him daily in praise.  A leather bound bible began to roll, bend, and crack.  A pencil began to talk on the pages of my journal. 

The Lord lead me to this very verse, “His word is in my heart like a fire.  A fire shut up in my bones.  I am weary of holding it in. Indeed, I cannot.”  Jeremiah 20:9 NIV.  

There it was.  Fire…God’s word……caught in my marrow……weary….shouts of truth……God gave this to me!  He was telling me keep reading and that fire will be in my heart.  It will be so hot that I will want to explode!  The more I read the Bible, the more I poured it in, the embers began to ignite. 

So today, just start.  Just read one word, then two, then three….I promise God will brew in you a fire you can’t contain.  A message that the world is so desperately waiting for. God’s word claims it.  He tells us His word will bring a fire you can’t keep in!   

Spread your embers and touch the lives of those around you.  Tell them of the great news of Jesus and how he will warm their hearts and bring a life that is so radiant they will want the world to know!