Sometimes I get into these moods where I don’t think my words or my story matters. When it does.

Where you are right now, your story does matter, your words do matter. God is going to use you.

Now, God will use you, it doesn’t mean you will be the next big preacher, but He will use you. Your story may not reach hundreds, but it will reach at least one.

Someone right now is going through what you went through a few years ago, or a few months ago. Your story can be the one thing they need to see Jesus and to see that they are truly not alone.

Share your story with someone today.

God has written you a beautiful story. He knows who needs to hear it, He knows who you need to share the good news with. Ask Him.

Ask God to show you the people who need Him.

Your words are important. Your story is important. You are important.


-Brianna Rogers