Have you ever wondered if it’s time to exchange burdens?  The thought didn’t occur to me until today.  I have been very weary and the reason for that weariness was a burden – a very heavy burden.  It seemed impossible.  I prayed and prayed, but it felt like my prayers bounced down off the ceiling.  I mentally came at the problem from every angle and I could not come up with a solution.  

Fear and worry began to creep in with panic whispering:  “Give up!”

Does this sound familiar?

If so remember what God has to say about burdens:  

Matthew 11:28-30 (ESV)

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

When I read that scripture today, I knew I had to immediately go to the Lord and exchange my burden for His yoke.  He wrote it plainly in the scriptures for all to see.

“My burden is Light,”  That is a promise!

I challenge you to go into your prayer closet.  Focus on repenting for the areas where you have taken on the enemy’s burdens and begun listening to his lies.  It is time to exchange your burdens.  Do that by praying and giving God the burdens you have been carrying.  Then ask for Him to give you His yoke and His burden instead.

Remember, His burden is LIGHT!

What is a yoke?

In days past, before electricity and modern farming equipment, farmers used to put a wooden yoke on two oxen.  Then they would attach those oxen to a plow and the oxen would be able to pull together equally and the land would get plowed in preparation for planting.

When we take on Jesus’ yoke, we get to partner with Him.  We don’t do anything without Him right there beside us helping.  

Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock

I am a Christian Inner Healing coach, using my God-given gifts, to partner with Christian women in interactive prayer to identify painful root memories. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power, the negative, traumatic emotions are replaced by His love and peace enabling each woman to forgive and let go.