Trust- assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

Assure Reliance. 

Certain Confidence.

No Doubt.

Unfailing Character.

Trust encompasses all these aspects. At first glance, many Christians would say, “I trust God.” They would tell you that they believe God is real and that He loves them. If they are really devout, you may hear stories of how they have trusted God. On paper and with words, many trust God. However, one way to really test your trust is when things are NOT going according to our plans. 

Lack of trust in God is often displayed in times of tragedy.

You may relate to hearing of natural disasters or mass shootings and thinking, “How can I trust God in the midst of devastation?”

This is exactly where my life was in 2017. Within the first 30 days of the year,  my father in law passed away. By the middle of the year, our finances were suffering, we started to lose friends over misunderstandings, and my husband would become very ill. There was so much pressure and pain. I could not see how God was working in any of this drama. I began to question why God would allow an entire year of heartache. This sounded nothing like the promises that had been spoken over my life. 

My trust level for God plummeted. To the outside world, I was trying to keep  a bubbly positive attitude. I wore a beautiful mask.  However, on the inside I grew frustrated and had many “why God” moments. Yet, a year later, God has answered many of those questions and restored everything that was broken. The entire process taught me about myself, ignited my  empathy for others, and assured me that God does NOT forget His children. 

We must learn to trust God with unbreakable assurance at ALL times. If we learn to really trust His character, we can stand in peace during adversity. We can rest assured that if He allowed something to happen, He has a plan for it work for our good (Romans 8:28).

God works in the beauty and in the brokenness. When we trust in this fact, we can live freely knowing that He has our best interest in heart. 

My prayer for you is that God reminds you of times He has restored a situation in your life. I pray that God reveals His goodness to you and helps to heal every area where you felt abandoned or like God was not faithful. May God continue to train your heart to run to your Creator with all your heart.