“And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31 (NKJV)

Why? I mean really, why? You would think that after all Jesus has done for us and after all the times He has proven Himself faithful in our lives, regardless of the circumstances we were in, we would learn to trust Him and nothing or no one else in this world!  As soon as our lives are not running as smooth or if something happens that throws us off track we are so quick to shift our focus off of God and right on to that thing that just happened. Whatever “it” may be. We begin to panic and sit in complete worry. For some of us, anxiety overcomes our minds slowly and for others depression hits you like a brick wall. We eventually just let our bodies and who we are as a person get devoured by the enemy and all his five hundred billion lies. (Yes, I said that number.) But only because that’s exactly what it feels like when we choose to just give up on trusting God and indulge ourselves in the situation we may be in. I read once, “The things surrounding you are real, but when you look at them you are immediately overwhelmed, and even unable to recognize Jesus. Let your actual circumstances be what they may, but keep recognizing Jesus, maintaining a complete reliance upon Him.”  – Oswald Chambers

I just couldn’t agree more with Mr.Chambers. Instead of being consumed with all the emotions you could think of and all the worries or what if’s we need to push through it all and STILL RECOGNIZE JESUS! Just because our lives will have ups and downs and we may face numerous amount of changes, none of those things will change who God is. Nothing will ever change His promises to us. I just pray for you and definitely for myself that we all live a life where we choose to see Jesus for who He is no matter how thick the fog is where we stand. I pray that we all, as moms, daughters, wives, sisters, friends and all the other roles we may play in this life will fight with all we have to keep seeking God even in our most uncomfortable settings. That we will stand strong and not let the enemy have his way with us but remind him that he is and always will be DEFEATED BY OUR GOD! To heck with the chaotic storm that you may be encircled in!! You are a child of God and He protects His children with His very own life and NEVER will He leave you to fend or fight for yourself. Recognize that whatever you feel so does He. However long you are in the wilderness, He is right there too. And most importantly, when you are at your lowest and just feel like you cannot focus on anything but what’s in front of you, LOOK UP! Because HE IS THERE! Be blessed ladies and don’t forget, HE IS STILL THERE.


-Beautifully ♡ Unfinished-

  Bianca Williams