There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 (NLT)

What is a hero? Who do you consider a hero? What type of actions do you consider heroic?

This past Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to attend a breakfast for Heroes. Ordinary people recognized for extraordinary things they did for another. 

These heroic acts extend from a woman single handedly rescuing 51 dogs from kill shelters, another girl jumped in to water in another country to pull a man out and help give CRP, to others using their God given passions and talents to help those around them in their time of need.

As I sat and watched the interviews of each person, I was struck by the humility of what they described as “what anyone would do”. Seemingly simple events to one person were lifesaving to another.

If you are like me, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman become the meter stick in which we measure heroism. We see them leaping tall buildings and other various super power type things, and we think with out those how could I possibly be considered a hero?! We think with out a grand gesture of death defying proportion that we can never fit into that category.

The story from Luke, with the men who lowered their sick friend down through a roof to get to Jesus, popped in to my head. Would those men have considered themselves heroes? Or like so many would they have described their actions as what had to be done and “what anyone would do”?

I see them describing the events like this “Yeah so our friend was sick. He has been for a while and he wasn’t getting better. We knew that if we could just get him to Jesus he would be healed. We knew that Jesus was the One that could help. So we went up the stairs to the roof and before you know it we were digging into this persons roof. I mean its not how we thought our day was going to go, tearing up someone’s house. But you know what? Our friend was sick, and we did what needed to be done. Its what anyone would have done for a friend.”

While I was sitting listening to all the stories, I found myself telling the Lord that I too wanted to be a hero. Does that sound silly? I don’t want the recognition or the attention or even a pat on the back. But, I wanted this intimate moment between me and God where I could say to Him “Wow, look at that thing that You let me do to contribute to Your kingdom! Thank You for choosing me to be the one to show Your glory”.

Here is what the Lord laid on my heart. To be a hero we are not required to do heroic things. All we are called to do is the thing before us. From the people getting recognized that morning to countless stories in God’s Word, what made them and their actions extraordinary is their willingness to do the thing that God placed in their way at the exact time he put it there.

We are to show up where God places us.

This concept of showing up and sharing love in the moments God guides us too adds another layer to the John 15:13 verse.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 (NLT)

I have always read this verse and immediately thought of laying one’s life down for a friend to mean death. But what if we aren’t talking about a physical death but a death to self. Laying down our needs, comforts, desires for those of a friend.

Those men didn’t say look we tried, there are a ton of people already here, man we just cant get you to Jesus. Im sorry we really thought we could help. Instead they laid down their time, energy and pride and said how do we get this done now.

We must show up in love for those around us.

So today I challenge you to pay close attention to the moments that God places in your path. He just might be inviting you to do great things for His kingdom.

In Him,