It is woefully easy to slip into worry about our own lives or the circumstances around us. Our eyes drift from Jesus and rest on what seem to be impossible situations. Destructive choices of our loved ones, financial difficulties, illnesses–they woo us away from the unwavering truth of God’s ability.

Likewise, our own folly and failure can cause fear that God is somehow unable to right what we’ve wronged. We may recall the sin and foolishness of our lives before Jesus and view them as insurmountable obstacles to a victorious life. Our current sin, even as believers, may rise and accuse us.

In our humanness, this is an inevitability. Seasoned believers and new converts alike fall prey to the wiles of worldly appearances from time to time. Recognizing this and turning to God in repentance as quickly as possible is the best response. Praying for insight and a deeper measure of faith on a daily basis is a healing practice.

Don’t forget who you’re dealing with. He operates beyond what we can understand.

In Jeremiah 32, the prophet is in jail, and in an impossible situation. God’s interaction with him in this chapter is a portrait of God as a promise-keeper and restorer. Despite the fact that Jerusalem will be destroyed due the sins of the people of Israel, God assures Jeremiah of His ability to restore.

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? “

-Jeremiah 32:27

Though God allows the natural consequences of poor choices, He also assures Jeremiah that all will be well in the end. God’s power is greater than any circumstance, even the ones people bring on themselves. Even the ones outside of their control.

Be encouraged that nothing is too difficult for the One who forged the universe by the sound of His voice. He chose you and is God of your present circumstances and your future. Jeremiah, even while imprisoned, was assured of this.

No matter how things appear, God is able to mend our hearts, our circumstances, or both. He is, after all, “God of all mankind”. AMEN.