While studying, God led me to the following thought, “the hands that hold healing.” I had no idea what God was trying to tell me about this strange phrase, but it seemed to hold a lot of spiritual weight and made me wonder what God would want me to understand. Could it be that I needed to analyze my own hands or was this a message concerning the significance of the hands in healing? I could not tell, but it led me to think about my hands and the capacity they held.

I had never thought about my hands and how God expects them to be used. These hands, although used for many functions, can be conduits. Conduits are used to distribute and channel things. In this case, my hands are used to distribute and channel what God allows. They can be filters, blocking and sorting what goes through them, or they could primarily be used for deliverance and healing through touch. I never considered how powerful these hands could be…until now.

With our hands, we have been gifted the authority of healing. Yes, it sounds farfetched, but when we accepted Christ, we also took the call of having the attributes He exhibited. With those attributes come the gift of healing. Have you ever considered that your hands held the authority to heal? Or that you possessed the same power that gives you the ability to speak healing into your life and demand you are well? You have it, and if you believe that you possess the power of Jesus Christ than you also have the ability to perform and partake in similar miracles.

Since I had never been led to think about this, I never considered that hands could be a significant element to healing. However, physical touch, one’s belief, and the Word of God, all play important roles when supernatural healing takes place. Let’s consider how each of these contributes to someone saying “I am healed.”




The first consideration we must take when discussing supernatural healing, is the significance of the person’s belief in their ability to be healed. Believing is the precursor that enables the atmosphere for the healing to take place. Looking at the story of Jesus healing the man with leprosy, in Mark 1:40-42, leads us to a man who is kneeled in front of Jesus, begging to be healed. Can you imagine how much boldness this takes? It’s incredible that this man was willing to step outside of the norm, which demanded by law that he stay secluded and away from everyone, to go out for a possibility to be healed! His determination resulted in his hunger to rid this illness. How you ever been that thirsty for healing?

Take a minute to consider the moments of your life that led you to step entirely outside of the box and risk it all. With no regard for what consequences could occur, have you ever decided that bearing it all may be better than never exposing yourself? This was where this man was. Dealing with the condition of leprosy, he could have been experiencing the effects of severe pain, muscle weakness, skin stiffness and dryness, blindness, and loss of extremities. The Bible does not tell us how long this man had been dealing with this disease, but I believe any amount of time dealing with this is long enough! So he decided that kneeling in the presence of God was worth the risk and he cried out to Jesus, “If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” There is something significant about his belief that Jesus could do it.

As I examine this statement, it makes me think of my confidence in Jesus’ ability to heal. The truth is, there have been times that I said I believed He could heal me but acted as if I was not sure of His power to do so. I think of how many times I wavered when it came to my belief that God was able to perform miracles. Without knowing what I know now, I may have put myself in the predicament where I missed my healing. In this passage, this man could not afford to waver in his belief. He needed the healing power of Christ and never hesitated in his activation of faith that God could do it. This showed a willingness on his behalf to proposition Jesus and risk the consequences if Jesus said no.

Ask yourself: When was the last time I believed, and risked it all, for Jesus to heal me?



The second consideration we must take when discussing supernatural healing, is the significance of the touch in healing. In many cases, within the Bible, Jesus used the sense of touch to manifest His healing power unto others. This concept happened throughout scriptures for those who believed, those who were dead or sick, and those who were demon-possessed. In Mark 1:41, after the man with leprosy presented himself, Jesus was moved with compassion and reached out and touched the man. How powerful is this thought? The idea that what we believe and how we present ourselves to Christ could be moving enough for Him to be compassionate towards us. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

This forces me to think of the times that I presented myself to Christ, feeling so helpless. During those days, I laid at the altar, in front of crowds of people, bearing my soul to Christ. I begged Him to listen and hear my cries. I wept, I sobbed, I prayed…knowing that if God didn’t fix this, it could not be fixed. I am encouraged, as I read this passage of the man with leprosy, to think that maybe I moved the heart of God. It is amazing to think that when I cried for Him, He not only heard me but His heart connected to my openness.

Ask yourself: When was the last time that I exposed myself, and believed in God, enough to move Him to touch and heal areas of my life?



Finally, in Mark 1:41-42, Jesus said to the man, “I am willing. Be healed.” And the leprosy, instantly, disappeared and the man was healed. This leads us to the last consideration for supernatural healing, The Word of God. In this text, Jesus spoke TO the man that He was willing, then spoke OVER the man to be healed. This makes me pay attention to the different ways that God can speak…to and over.

Talking TO you can be in response to what you have stated or asked previously. This indicates that you have been in communication with Christ enough that He would be responding to a statement or question you made. Jesus saying, “I am willing,” not only shows His willingness but His relationship with the man. This open communication shows a call and response structure between Jesus and the man. Do you have a relationship with God that enables a response when you call?

The next way that Jesus spoke is by speaking OVER the man. This shows the significance of God speaking a word over your life. To receive the healing, the man with leprosy needed to hear “be healed.” This passage helps us to understand how crucial word spoken over you is to the process of healing. When you are in need, you must be in a place where you can receive the word that is conducive to your life. That’s why it is essential to understand what and who you are surrounded by, in your vulnerability. To receive your healing the word that comes to you, and over you, can dictate whether your healing occurs.

Ask yourself: In my vulnerable state, am I in a place where I can receive a Word of healing? Am I around people who can give me the declarative word of God?



Now that I have been exposed to the three elements needed for supernatural healing, I must circle back to consider the original phrase that God led me to,

“the hands that hold healing…”

I believe that God was trying to help me acknowledge our role in supernatural healing. After reading through this short passage, I now see our responsibility in seeing the supernatural come to fruition, especially when it comes to healing!  As Christians, our role is to open communication with God and be in the position to move God’s heart. We want to be touched, but do we have the belief and boldness to step out there to be touched? Have we played our role in enabling God to perform a miracle? And can we say we contributed to the healing at hand?

I believe the hands that hold healing indicates that we hold power to begin the process of healing. While God is a crucial component, He is not the only ingredient to the supernatural. We are responsible for producing the belief, moving God’s heart enough to receive the touch, and strategically being in the right standing to hear God’s Word.

Ask yourself: Am I contributing everything needed to receive my healing?

Misha Stredrick

Misha Stredrick

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit. Jeremiah 17:7‭-‬8 NLT