God will deliver us whether we are here on earth, or it is time for us to be with him in heaven. He delivers us from the pain from the pain of our past. Deliverance.

This has been a theme for me lately.

Christ delivers you from your sins when you accept him, because he died on the cross.

If you, or I, is fearful of the future pray to the Lord almighty and He will deliver you as it says in Psalm 34:4, and it reigns true in times of trouble also as it says in Psalm 34:17.

God is faithful, and I know sometimes when we are in a deep valley it is hard to put full trust in Him. It is hard to remember that He is there, but I promise He will deliver you from your struggle.

I have been going through something for a few years now, and it it’s hard, and it seems never ending. I have to believe it’s all for a purpose, and all for a plan. I know God can deliver me from this, but even if he does not while i’m still here on this on earth I will still chase after Him, because HE is worth is.