No, this is not a devotional on the creation story.  I am writing much more literally.  Yesterday, I had a fall…yes, the physical kind where you land with a splat on the ground.  In my case, this particular crash was a full on face plant.  I had no time to get my hands out…nothing…splat.  Thank God for hardwood floors and a crawl space underneath which allowed some of the force of impact of the fall to be absorbed. 

Some, but not all!

Today, I feel like a truck ran over me and I have the literal bruises to prove it!  Gravity can be cruel at times and I am at constant war with this immutable law here on earth.  There are days I hate it, if it is possible to hate something inanimate.  I can’t count the number of falls, I’ve taken.  Anyway, back to me laying on the floor!

Once the initial shock wore off, I found myself facedown on the floor.  I rolled onto my back to contemplate things and do a quick assessment of all 4 limbs.  Good, everything seemed to move the way I expected.  I thought of my husband, who was not there, and how he worries about me falling all the time.   Thank you Jesus!  He had missed it.  Maybe, I wouldn’t have to say anything…there was only one way to find out – I had to get up! 

This was not a difficult thing for most people to do, but for me (having Cerebral Palsy) it was a huge deal and required that I expend a lot of effort!  I sat up carefully.  Yup, the right shoulder and arm had hit the base of the coat rack by the front door.  Gingerly, I tested the shoulder joint and realized that it was bruised but otherwise intact.  Good, that meant I could bum slide across the room to the dining room chair and haul myself up.  I reached for my 4 wheeled walker, made sure the front and back wheels were straight and then I shoved.  The walker rolled forwards almost half the way to the chair.  Slowly and painfully I pushed myself along the floor.  Once I was next to the walker, I shoved again and it came to rest beside the dining room table chair.  Perfect!  

The cat watched me from a short distance, unsure what to make of me down on the floor.  I ignored her…after all she was the one who started all this!  Once I got close to the chair, I carefully got myself onto my hands and knees.  It’s very painful for me to kneel, so I quickly reached out and grabbed the seat of the chair and pulled until I got my feet under me and walked step by step toward the chair.  Once I was there, I grabbed the table with one hand and stood up completely.  Then I reached out with my left hand and grabbed my walker. 

Whew!  I walked around my living room and realized I had actually faired pretty well in this fall.  I thanked Jesus then and there and quickly moved to my computer chair to recover. 

Psalm 145:14-16 Amplified Bible “The Lord upholds all those [of His own] who fall. And raises up all those who are bowed down.” 

This is God’s promise to you!

Have you fallen into sin?  Let Him help you find a way out. 

Have you literally fallen like I did?  Ask Him to give you the strength to get up.

God is faithful and His promises are true.  He upholds you and He is with you even now. 

All you have to do is reach out and take His hand.  

Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock

I am a Christian Inner Healing coach, using my God-given gifts, to partner with Christian women in interactive prayer to identify painful root memories. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power, the negative, traumatic emotions are replaced by His love and peace enabling each woman to forgive and let go.