Am I catchy or contagious is often a question we ask if we are sick or getting over being sick. But what if we take it out of the context of something negative? What if we think of it as are we ‘effecting’ others? Are people changed because of meeting us and even more so than meeting us- seeing the Jesus in us! I want to walk away from the people I encounter and leave them better and not because of me. I want them to be better because of the Jesus they see in me. I think so often in Christian circles we can think that somehow we can help people ‘see’ Jesus by talking ABOUT Jesus, when in reality most people will be moved more by how we speak, treat, and love them. Unbelievers have often ‘heard’ of God but haven’t ‘felt’ God’s love in a tangible way. The saying that that talks about people will remember how you make them FEEL, is so true! They don’t want to hear us say the ‘right’ things they want to see us live out our faith. It’s such a great witness to God’s amazing love when people can feel LOVED after being around us.

I breed and raise Golden Retrievers, and I love it! It’s just a fun job, I mean who doesn’t LOVE puppies! I know I’m a little biased but Goldens are some of the BEST dogs. Their personalities are so sweet and lovable with very few negatives. But if you’ve ever been around a golden you know, they are FURRY FURRY things! I mean you can’t be around one and not see some effects on your clothes. If you aren’t sure put on a nice black outfit and go visit a Golden. I vacuum several times a day, and clean A LOT, yet it never fails, that I can finish vacuuming and not 5 minutes later there will be fur! I mean you think you have cleaned every spot and every surface, yet there’s more! You can tell that Goldens live with us. And while I was trying to clean the fur off with my little lint roller, I was reminded of how hard it is to get it ALL off.

When I am around some people, they’re just so amazing, I mean you walk away and you just feel good! Maybe they complimented your outfit, or maybe they just smiled, and shared a word of encouragement.  You walked away feeling VALUED, LOVED, or CARED for and sometimes it’s a simple jester. It doesn’t have to be something amazing or huge. I want to leave people with a scent of Jesus. I want my words to be edifying, I want my position and body language to show that I am interested and I care. I want them to have a little Golden glitter (that’s what I call my dog’s fur) left on them.

This world is full of opinions and hundreds of opportunities to tear people down. I want to build others up. I want my husband to know that he is appreciated.  I want my kids to feel loved, cherished, important and cared for always. I want my friends to know that I’m a safe haven for dreams, goals, and ideas. I want the cranky cashier to know that she loved by the creator of the universe and that I appreciate the work she is doing. I want to be the person that makes time for someone even if when there’s not time.

These things could all seem overwhelming and even like ambitious goals, but we have the best example to look to, Jesus. The Bible is full of examples where Jesus made time for people. Sometimes it even involved Him stopping what He was doing. So what are some practical ways we can make those that we come in contact with feel loved?

  1.  Ask how they are doing and really hear their answers?
  2. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  3. Look for a way to encourage another person.
  4. Just smile!

I love this sweet reminder in Proverbs 16:24 ‘Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.’ Let’s try today to aim for that, our words being like honey to someone’s soul. I hope you have an amazing day and that you leave someone else’s world a little better today<3