I am faced with an opportunity that may take me up on my next level of writing; of being known to new authors and readers. I know the story, once I write it, will be a fantastic addition to this “universe” I’m obsessed with.

The problem is, I could potentially find myself in a compromising situation. You see, I write clean Christian books; books about faith, searching for God, and being overwhelmed in His love, and Grace. This opportunity involves romance, seeking companionship and falling in love. In our society, however, we equate love and lust. Romance readers are insatiable for juicy love triangles, bad-boy-turned-good-but-still-mysterious billionaires.

Mind you, I too love a good romance book I can get lost in, and sigh with contentment when the main character finally ends in a happy (and realistic) ever after. I think I read more romance than any other genre.

I’m digressing. Somewhere along the way, society twisted lust into love. Somewhere in this genre of wallflowers and billionaires, I find myself stuck in the middle. My desire to jump headfirst into this niche is just that, a desire, made by me. There is no glorifying God in the words I’ll be writing. There will be no finding faith, but seeking selfish ambitions.

My favorite verse is Galatian 2:20 and serves as a reminder of my faith. “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

Perhaps I needed to write this just now so I can come to terms with closing the book on this opportunity. As amazing as it would be to take a step to advance my writing, it would be a few steps back into why I feel compelled and called to write.

I write in quiet moments of my day to seek Him.

I write to journal my confused and wayward thoughts to get a better understanding. Like now, is it my will or His?

I write stories to inspire someone like me; that there is more to this world than this, and how truly knowing His love and His grace can give you clarity and peace. I’m making peace that opportunities will come and go, but if it’s meant for me, then I know God will plant that seed of truth that it is His will and His plan for me….and not out of my own self desire.

What opportunities have you faced that you know would give you a head start, but you know you might put you in a compromising spot? Don’t lose hope, and stay strong in your faith. God’s will be done and all for His glory.