I still get caught in the bubble; you know the one. I find myself in the trap of comparison and believing I am not good enough. The same bubble seems to remind me that I will never be the best mom or wife. It is a jail cell that begins to drag you down deep into a pit. One you can’t claw your way out of even if you desperately tried. 


Comparison gnaws away at us and slowly begins to peck away at our sanity, so much so that when we look in the mirror, we only see what we are striving toward rather than the beauty of who we are. The parts of us that God made to be exactly as they are. We want more. We are unsettled being ourselves; we crave being like “her” instead.I’ve wasted time forging on into the strife of comparison, the hours scrolling through social media feeds wondering what it is that I am doing wrong. We have all done it. It’s a vicious never-ending cycle. We are becoming undone by the constant overwhelming race to keep up. But, maybe coming undone is what’s best. 

Being undone teaches us that any reliance we have on ourselves will utterly fail. Any hope we have outside of Jesus Christ will fall short, and every effort to be like someone else will crumble. In our place of being unraveled by our efforts, we come face to face with the One we should be relying on. We are seeking purpose in a world that holds none for us. Our purpose is beyond what we see in front of our faces; it has eternal value. God brings us to the place where we realize the view on our screens we have wasted time staring at, isn’t what He has for us. His calling is far more precious because it is just for us. 

We are called according to God’s great purpose, one that is at times beyond our understanding. When we spend our days seeking what someone else has, we will find defeat. However, when we keep ourselves face to face with Jesus, we will become undone in the best possible ways. We will be undone from the trap of comparison and sin. We will be undone by His very hands in order to see who He has lovingly called us to be.