When we are down, it’s so easy to tune out the worship and to turn up the negative. It’s so easy to stay down, but that’s not where we should stay.

God wants us to go to Him in our time of trouble. The enemy wants us to stay right where we are in our time of trouble. The enemy knows that if we turn to worship we will be healed. And that is not what he wants.

It’s so hard to sing a joyful noise when we are having trouble. It’s so hard to talk to someone when we are having trouble. But, we need to be honest. When Christ was about to die, He went with friends into the forest. Let’s nt talk about how all of His friends fell asleep, but He did not go alone. He went in the forest and talked to His Father about what He was feeling.

Thy Will Be Done.

Maybe, it wasn’t exactly a joyful noise, but sometimes we just tend to ignore God when we are feeling down, when God isn’t exactly afraid for us to be mad at Him. In fact He knows we will be mad at Him. Because, following Him means saying no to our flesh, and we are selfish humans at times.

So, when you are down, go find some community. Sing a joyful noise. Remember how God got you out of the last season.

You are so important to God.

Brianna Rogers