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I recently read a copy of Enough by Sharon Jaynes. This book is an updated version of Lies Women Believe. As you would imagine there were a lot of lies uncovered in the book. Things that women tell themselves everyday: I’m worthless. I’m stupid. I’m ugly. As women, we sometimes have a negative record playing in our minds all day long, it’s a wonder we can get anything done!

Can you relate? Do you find yourself saying things like “I’m stupid”, “I’m a bad mother” or “I’ll never get anything right”? Interestingly enough if we to hear someone else saying these things to themselves we would be quick to jump in and tell them to stop. Why is that do you think?

It’s because ultimately we know that words have power. Unfortunately we are not always able to break the negative thought pattern that we find ourselves in. It’s harder for us to tell the girl in the mirror: “Don’t believe the lie.”

Here’s what I think happens: satan knows that God created us in his image. Even thousands of years after The Fall we are still in the image of God and there’s power in that. The enemy cannot change how we are made, but he can change we way we see ourselves. If he can get us to believe that we’re stupid instead of intelligent, he can stop us from doing that work that God intended for us to do.

If he can get us to think we’re bad parents, and then we stop spending time talking to our children about God and his word, he wins.

If he can get us to think we’ll never get anything right, then he can stop us from reaching for our Bibles and seeking out its truth.

What do we do when the lies in our heads are louder than everything else?

We learn to speak truth.

But here’s the trick: truth speaking is a habit that requires preparation. It is not something that we learn in the battle. Rather it is learned in the everyday moments.

Think of it like preparing for a fight: long before the first attack is launched there are a whole lot of things going on in the background. The soldiers are recruited, they are trained, and they may be involved in small skirmishes. All of this is done so that when they finally go into the battle they are prepared. There are also taught about their enemy. In this way they learn what to expect and what to do as the situations arise.

In order for us to have victory over our enemy we have to train like a soldier. We can start by following these four steps:

  1. We have to know our enemy. If we are familiar with the enemy’s tactics, we have a better chance of resisting him (James 4:7).
  2. We need to get familiar with our weapons so that we know how to use them when the time comes (2 Corinthians 10:4). Our weapon is the word of God. We learn to access it through prayer and studying his word. Studying not just reading (2 Timothy 2:15-16).
  3. We have to collect our ammunition (Ephesians 6:10-18). As we search for the truth, we begin to learn the things that will help us to combat the lies of the enemy.
  4. We have to know the Host of the Army that we’re fighting for. When we study the word of God we learn more about his character and the principles on which he stands.

As women of the Word we need to stop allowing the enemy to win the battle of our minds. How do you plan to counter the attacks of the enemy?