It Ain’t Easy

Most assume when they decide to start living for God, life would be easy.  Somehow in their thinking, they assume they are untouchable because of course, we live for God.  Sickness can’t touch us, financial woes can’t touch us, marital issues can’t touch us, wayward children can’t touch us and sin most definitely can’t touch us.

Those who make this assumption do so ignorantly.  They are grossly unaware of what living the Christian life entails.  However, this assumption can be made for a number of reasons.  One being some Christians make it look easy; they appear to have it all together.  If they are experiencing any trouble, you would never know it.  They don’t openly share about it and if they did, they downplay what they are experiencing or at least their reaction towards it.  No human emotion.  After all, God will take care of it, right? 

Secondly, others assume life will be easy because they have a distorted view of God.  They see Him as a genie that sits high and looks low to grant our every wish when summoned.  They don’t recognize what the sins of Adam and Eve did to the world we now live in.  The effects of their sin.  And how so much has invaded our world that God never intended for us.  They are oblivious to the fact that God is more concerned about us being holy and in right standing with Him than He is about us being happy.

Thirdly, we feel as Christians once we are delivered from a sin we will no longer be tempted by it.  Sure, you may go quite a while without experiencing temptation, but at some point Satan will bring to your remembrance how much fun you had, how enjoyable it was, how it made you feel.  However, he neglects to remind you how miserable you were after or of the consequences of your actions.  His goal is simply to get you to return to the sin. 

I’m sure there are other reasons that contribute to this way of thinking.  But I can assure you this way of thinking is flat out wrong.  There are times life ain’t easy (I know this is grammatically incorrect, but it adds a punch to my point).  There are times you will wonder if striving to live this Christian life is even worth it.  There are times you will feel unheard, rejected, neglected and alone.  There are times you will feel in so deep, you doubt prayer can pull you out.  In to worry, in to frustration, in to sickness, in to divisive relationships or dare I say in to sin.  There are times you will press your way into the house of God deep in despair.  There are times you avoid reading the Bible because you know it’s truth will sting.  Or it won’t tell you want you want to hear. 

There may be a day you will feel all cried out, all prayed out, and all forgiven out.  This is the time you want to give up.  This is the time you may begin to question God.  Or worse, become angry at God.  All because you too had a distorted view of Him.  You are shocked at some of the things He allows to happen to you or your loved ones.  You are shocked at some of the prayers it seems He refuses to answer.  This is not what you signed up for when you made the choice to live for Him. 

All of these emotions and thoughts are real.  They are human.  We feel.  However, we can’t allow our feelings to dictate how we see God.  It’s so comforting to me to know that however I may be feeling, He understands.  He is able to sympathize with my weaknesses, as He too was tempted in every way that I am, yet He did not sin (Hebrews 4:15).  He also doesn’t want me to carry my feelings alone.  Do you know you can vent to God?  You can share your frustrations, hurt and pain with Him?  He is not surprised by anything we experience.  We don’t have to isolate ourselves and try to handle anything on our own.  He beckons us to come to Him when we are weary and heavy burdened and He will give us rest.  But He requires for us to learn of Him.  Learn His character.  Learn His will.  And then, He promises rest (Matthew 11: 28-29).  If we allow Him as we learn of Him, He will perfect everything concerning us (Psalm 138:8).  This includes sin.  He will give us a new heart that seeks to obey Him.  A heart that will willingly respond to His commands.  He will put His spirit in us so we will learn to imitate Him and walk in His ways (Ezekiel 36:26-27). 

So I get it.  Life ain’t easy.  But it is possible to be victorious in this life when you’re connected to Him.  It is possible to walk through difficult times as He holds your hand and provides comfort and encouragement.  It is possible to overcome sin.  He will show you a way of escape (I Corinthians 10:13).  It is possible to humanly feel, but be full of confidence in Him.  Jesus felt the pain and agony of going to the cross on our behalf.  It is okay to feel, but still do the will of God. 

He is right there with you.  Walking beside you.  Let Him lead the way.

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" (Prov 4:23).