How many times have we acted out of fear?

I often second guess myself, and truthfully I have been known to make choices just because I am anxious or afraid.

Fear plays a significant role in our choices.

I see it every single day on social media…the choice to post our every step and detail is prompted by the fear that no one cares or the fear that what you’re doing isn’t good enough and need to be validated.

But more than that I see fear driving us in more substantial decisions, and even our reactions to other people’s choices.

We cannot allow fear to be behind the wheel.

I think of all the right spiritual answers…I have struggled with fear…I can list all the verses for you in scripture about being afraid or fear. I can tell you that there are enough verses on the subject to cover every day.

I don’t know about you, but somehow that doesn’t help, because I already know each of those things. By heart in fact. I use them often and probably hourly.

We are missing the agenda of the enemy. We are so blind to Satan who is seeking to destroy us with fear. There is no denying when we turn on the television, email, etc. that we are inundated with so many things that are keeping us crippled with anxiety.

So when will we stop allowing fear to have its way with us? When will we see the fear for what it is? The enemies attempt to control us? Fear is the vehicle the enemy uses to steer us into oncoming disaster.

How much of our fear is manufactured by Satan? All of it. It’s pretty simple actually.
Who stands to benefit from our fearful choices…it’s certainly not us.

Friend, let me speak truth to the both of us today…

Fear is never from God. Before we make big decisions, let’s turn it over in prayer…ask Him to guide your choices and protect your heart and mind from fear.

I have to remind myself often that He is the author and perfecter of my faith, He knows the plan intimately, and that I am where I am for His purpose. I find myself praying that more and more as uncertainty surrounds us.

There are parts of me that sincerely wishes my decisions were simple and were never affected by fear. I wish that I saw everything as black and white rather than fearful shades of grey. I pray that I can be a woman that laughs without fear of the future. The best place to begin is acknowledging who the author of fear is.