Oh, taste and see the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Psalm 34:8 NKJV

Have you ever ate or drank something that you thought “I could eat/drink this everyday”?  Something so amazingly good that you crave it. (Pregnant women know what I mean).  Now I ask you to reflect on the first time you ever experienced God. Can you remember how you felt, what you thought at that moment?  For me, I remember the first time I experienced God was during an Easter service.   I can’t recall what the pastor preached or even the message title, but I do remember every single word felt like God was directing them right at me. I was amazed and I couldn’t wait to go back to church the following Wednesday  

For many of us, our first experience lit a fire to the spark we didn’t know we had.  I was hungry for God, I was going after Him with all I had.  The roles had reverse. I was now chasing after a God who chased after me.  But then my pursuit waned and my thirst and hunger for Him was no longer what I craved. What happened to the fire, what happened to the zeal I had when I first begun.  To sum it up in two words: Life happened.

Looking back, I can see that the chaos and storms of life tested my faith.  A faith I had yet to build upon.  I was a baby Christian and that fire I had wasn’t as strong as I thought back then. What I know now many years later is that I have to continually “taste” of the Lord.  That means I have to keep feeding and drinking upon the word of God.  How do we expect to build our faith, trusting in His word with just one taste?  The simple truth is we can’t.

We need to feed upon His word. Pray with Him daily, worship and acknowledge Him throughout our day.  Let’s set that fire ablaze once again and keep it burning.  I guarantee you that the storms of life will always come, but when they do not even the rain or wind will be able to snuff out our fire.