I’m reading a book called ‘The Happiness Project’ by Getchen Rubin. Overall, I think I’m happy. I’m blessed that I get to stay home and raise my children, on my husband’s income that supports a family of four. We are nearing our ten year wedding anniversary and our relationship changed as we became parents, but we still act silly around each other. We still have the same goals, and dreams for ourselves as well as for each other (and we still haven’t abandoned our plans to take over the world).

Anyway, in her book, Rubin breaks down her goals for herself in these small 1 per month goals. I did the same with my resolutions. For this month, my resolution was (is) to learn acceptance.

Acceptance – defined as a person’s agreement to experience a situation, follow a progress or condition without attempting to change it, protest, or exit.

If I claim to be happy, then why do i need to learn acceptance?

Well, dear friends – if you must know:

Acceptance over things I cannot control.

Acceptance over people I cannot control.

Acceptance over mistakes – past, present and futures.

Acceptance over my imperfections.

Acceptance over my want, and will, and hope, and dream to continue to walk with Christ – at the pace I’m walking, and NOT at the push and pull of another.

Acceptance that every day is literally a brand new day, a chance to wipe my slate clean.

Acceptance that the only thing in life that I can “control” is what I put in my body.

Acceptance that the other thing in life that I can “control” is how I use my energy. 

Acceptance. I accept that I am me and I AM going to be the best me that I can be (and God and my children will still love me).

Acceptance that I will have bad days, good days, days that make me sing in Praise, and days that will make me wonder where God’s Hands were in the middle of things.

Acceptance that where there are temptations, there are options.

Acceptance that there are days I need help.

Acceptance that there days that I need LOTS of help.

Acceptance that I may truly not be the happiest that I could be, and the only person that could truly change that ….is the person in the mirror.