We’re living in times of protest.  People all around us are standing up for what they believe in, standing against oppression. You may feel like this is not your thing. It’s what the kids are doing these days and it’s not your job to protest anything.  I hear you.  You don’t want to stand on street corners and hold a sign.  You don’t have to and I won’t make you.

I won’t tell you to boycott something.  I’m not telling you to stand against a certain policy. I’ll let the spirit convict you one way or another when it comes to gun control, taxes, and how to vote.  But I do believe it is our job to protest darkness.

In Isaiah 1, God is speaking to his people.  They’ve gone astray.  He says that he’s raised his children and brought them up but they have rebelled against him. He’s tired of the rituals.  He could care less that they are going to church and celebrating ancient holy days. They’re just going through the motions and he cares about their hearts more than anything.  So, he asks them, not only, to stop doing what’s wrong but to:

Learn to do right; seek justice.
    Defend the oppressed.
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
    plead the case of the widow.

           -Isaiah 1:17

He could have just told people to get their act together and start obeying the 10 commandments again but they had lost the heart of what mattered.  He doesn’t just want us to obey, he wants us to stand UP for what is right; to stand FOR the fatherless and widows.  He wants us to seek justice for those who are oppressed.

Some of us, as Christ Followers, vehemently stand against certain things.  If you have prayed about that and heard God tell you to stand against something, then you should do it (side note: maybe not on social media though).  But don’t forget to stand FOR things as well.  Stand for beauty, notice it, point it out, make it, share it.  Stand for justice and doing what is right in his sight. And stand up for those who can no longer stand for themselves.

I challenge you to pray about what God is asking you to stand for today and then to stand up.