I feel like some people in the world give up to easy. The moment things get remotely a little difficult, they give up.


How often do we scared to talk about Christ with someone? Or if we invite them to church, and they say no one time-How often do we not ask again?


This habit needs a change. The world needs people who are dedicated. People need to know they are worth fighting for.


The bible says that it is not going to be easy. Matthew 10 explains that Jesus is sending you out like “sheep among wolves”, but he gives us so much hope and strength. He is going give us the time to speak, and the words to speak.


Why do we make it so easy to give up on people?


If someone would have given up on me, I would not be here today.  She saw something in me, or the lack of something, and kept loving me and inviting me. I was stubborn at first, and then I came to church with her. I haven’t stopped going since. I found a home. People that love me, people that I love, and a safe place that I have never had before. Before she started to invite me I had a plan to kill myself. I was in such a dark place, and I am so thankful God used her.


There are lost, broken, and sick people out there that need people to love them. They need people not to give up on them.


Is there someone you haven’t invited in awhile? Why don’t you try again….or id there someone you haven’t invited at all….what’s holding you back. Jesus will guide your steps. He is always with you.