The world is full of real-life stories of those who never gave up. People who were told “NO,” but wouldn’t listen or back down. People who were told “it can’t be done,” but kept on trying. People who were told “it was a hopeless cause” but kept believing. Beethoven’s teacher called him hopeless because he handled the violin differently than the other students. Before Disneyland was built, Walt Disney went bankrupt several times. He was also told that he had a lack of ideas and was fired by a newspaper editor.

There was a junior high student who tried out for football but the coach told him he was too small and to try out for the track team. Instead of giving up, he ignored the coach’s advice and started his own training program to “build himself up”. His name was Herschel Walker, and he went on to win the Heisman trophy a few years later.

In Mark 5, we read the story about the woman with the issue of blood. In verse 26 in the NLV, it says, “She had suffered a great deal from many doctors, and over the years she had spent everything she had to pay them, but she had gotten no better. In fact, she had gotten worse.” This woman went from doctor to doctor searching for answers and spent all her money looking for a cure. She never gave up. She never backed down. When one doctor didn’t have the answer, she went to the next, and to the next till she had nothing left; and even then she didn’t give up. She knew that if she could just touch – even with just one finger – the hem of Jesus’ garment that she could be healed. This woman wouldn’t let anything stop her this time. She was in a relentless pursuit of her healing. The crowds didn’t stop her. The tiredness from the disease didn’t stop her. Being unclean didn’t stop her. Others opinions and judgments didn’t keep her from believing. She fought through it all just to touch His garment. It says in verse 27, “Immediately the bleeding stopped”. She never gave up and was healed!

What lies have the world and the enemy told you? That your past is too colorful to have a future in ministry? That your marriage is over and to sign the divorce papers? That you will be stuck in a job that you hate forever? That the relationship with your family will never be restored?

Don’t let the surrounding circumstances discourage you! The woman with the issue with blood was told to give up. If you were to look only at her circumstances you may have told her to give up too. Instead of believing in her circumstances, she believed in the Cross!

I encourage you today to continue your relentless pursuit to know your Savior. Focusing on the Cross puts the circumstances in our lives into perspective. Remember that it takes just “one touch” for everything to change. One touch for your marriage to be restored. One touch for your body to be healed. One touch for your life to be made new.