If the Bible were a movie, her total time on screen would have been less than 5 minutes. Yet what little we know about her life screamed service.

In Matthew 8:14-15 we read three sentences about Peter’s mother-in-law:

“Now when Jesus had come in to Peter’s house, he saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever. So he touched her hand and the fever left her. And she arose and serve them.”

That word translated as ‘served’ in the NKJV is the Greek word diakoneō which means ‘to be an attendant, wait upon (menially or as a host or friend)’.

The Bible does not tell us how long Peter’s mother-in-law had been ill. It could have been months, days or even hours. The important thing though is her response once she was healed: she ministered to Jesus. 

There are no words are recorded for Peter’s mother-in-law, she simply got out of her sick bed and went on with the business of caring for the Master’s needs.

Here’s a question for us: if we had been in that woman’s shoes, how would we have reacted? Would we have said ‘Thanks Jesus’ and then reached for our phones?

What is our attitude towards service?

Would we have even remembered to give thanks or would we have jumped wholeheartedly into the task of completing our delayed check list?

It’s easy to forget that we were created to give glory unto God. We were created in the image of God because he chose to give life to us. Nobody coerced him. He loved us and so he gave us life.

We are masterpieces that were deliberately created with one purpose: to bring honor, worship and praise to our Heavenly Father.

A big part of that is service – willingly giving of our time, energy and efforts for the business of ministering to others.

Will it always be easy? No.

Will it always be fun? Absolutely not.

Will it always be required?

A resounding yes.

What is your attitude towards service? How will you answer Jesus’ call to service today?