Rejected, unwanted, unlovable, that’s what I had begun to believe about myself. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. No one could see what I longed to keep desperately hidden; the bruises of feeling discarded. I know my dad didn’t do it on purpose, but his choice to leave left a mark for years to come.

My daddy was a great man and he loved me with all he had. But, my parents’ divorce left me confused, there is only so much a nine-year-old mind can understand. Did I do something wrong? His choice to go was his own, but to me, it felt like rejection. It allowed the devil to paint a picture in my mind of a girl who wasn’t lovable. The truth was my parents loved me, but what my heart knew wasn’t what my brain believed.

That’s the thing about rejection – the lie it conceives creates desperation to fill a hefty void. An emptiness most of us seek to fill with anything but God.

In Scripture, we encounter women who have faced the same crushing hurts. Hagar was in the desert, pregnant, and freshly rejected by her Master and Mistress. Her desperation leads her weary heart into the wilderness, a desolate place, alone with the emotions rejection delivers to the mind. God saw her there in the wilderness, He met her in her darkest place, and with Him, He brings freedom.
“So she named the LORD who spoke to her. “You are El-Roi,” for she said, “In this place, have I actually seen the one who sees me?” (Genesis 16:13 CSB)
God does not leave us unseen. What not seen by the world is not out of reach of God’s hands.
God too met me in my wilderness; my El-roi filled my holes of lonely rejection. He alone changed the heart that felt unloved and unwanted. He spoke truth to a teen girl that carried this weight and offered her freedom from the burden it caused.
God is faithful to see us in every circumstance and broken heart. He is a loving Father who meets us in our rejection and reminds we are truly loved. He will see you in your dry wilderness, and meet you there, just as He did Hagar.