It was an ordinary morning and I was in the middle of my simple, repetitive morning prayer when I heard God ask me, “Why don’t you pray BIG?” I stopped and opened my eyes. Huh? Again He asked, “Why don’t you pray BIG?” Oh. Um. Well….I…I don’t….”Pray BIG.”

I have always struggled with my prayer life. I tend to be a little OCD with my daily prayers, in the way that I don’t stray from a fixed recital of words. Often times I find myself saying the words, but my thoughts are somewhere else. It’s as if I forget that I am entering into a humbling, gracious conversation with the creator of the universe.

So when God spoke to me that morning and asked me why I don’t pray “BIG” prayers, I was a little taken back. And then I started to ask myself the same question. Why had I never attempted to ask God do to something BIG? Not just for myself, but for someone else…or even the world? My prayers had become like the ones Jesus spoke of in Matthew 6:7, just a rambling of words that, although are sincere requests, have lost their heart.

If I’m going to be honest, there is also a little bit of fear involved in praying BIG prayers. What if what I’m asking for doesn’t happen? What if God doesn’t heal this person? What if this circumstance never changes? Some of the BIG things we ask God for seem impossible–to us. Yet, Jesus tells us in Matthew 19:26 that “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” Everything is possible. That’s a BIG statement. Almost like God expects us to pray BIG prayers all the time.

Gretchen Saffles, founder of Well Watered Women ministry, says in her Planted study, “Praying in faith is coming to God in full expectation and knowledge that God can do anything.” By not spending part of my prayer life asking God to do BIG things, I am limiting my faith in Him. And I’m limiting the ability for my faith to grow–to boundlessly expand and explode into an outpouring of His love all around me. We serve a BIG God. He wants to do BIG things for you and me. He wants to change us and bring us closer into communion with Him. He wants to show us that He can do BIG things, if we ask.

I haven’t seen much of the sun this winter, but this evening I’m watching it set out my dining room window. The soft golden glow of brilliance slowly melting into the wafting evening clouds. And I know, in faith, that the God I serve created it. He strung the stars in the sky and hung the moon. He made the earth and all of us living on it. How then, could my requests every be too BIG for Him? He’s asking me to pray for BIG things to be done in my life, in your life, and the world we live in. He wants me to dig deep into my faith and produce a prayer life that intimately desires the will of God. Where no request is too small, or too BIG. Where I can lay every burden and petition down at His feet and know, in confidence, that not only has He heard, but He will be faithful to answer.

I’m stepping confidently into a new prayer life. I want to see God work in every aspect of my life and those around me. I can almost hear the echos of future praise. No more lifeless prayers on repeat. It’s time to pray with a determination that the God I serve can do all things. It’s time to pray BIG!