DON’T RETURN TO YOUR MOAB by Tina Kyeremateng

Naomi was full when she left Bethlehem in Judah for Moab. She had a husband, Elimelech and two sons, Mahlon and Chilion (Ruth 1:1-2). You were a confident, intelligent, beautiful, ambitious and bubbly woman with the world at your feet. Everyone loved you and knew you were going places; you would do well in life. Then you fell in love with this man.

In the land of Moab, Elimelech, Mahlon and Chilion all died leaving Naomi alone with her daughters-in-law (Ruth 1:3-4). The man you fell head over heels in love with tore away your confidence with his constant put-downs. He made you feel insecure and inferior. You became a shell of your former self. Your ambitions were locked away, hidden, out of sight because he ridiculed your plans.

Naomi’s friends and family did not recognise her when she returned to Bethlehem (Ruth 1:19-21). You finally left the man but your friends and family no longer recognise the once confident woman you were.

Back in the land of Bethlehem, Jesus, our kinsman redeemer, once again made Naomi smile. Ruth gives birth to a son who will carry on the lineage of Elimelech (Ruth 4: 13-17). Your friends and family nurse you back to your once bubbly, confident self. The original YOU has once again emerged like a butterfly from its’ cocoon.

The man also resurfaces. Tempting though it may be, do not return to your Moab. Returning back to the man, woman or place that knocked your confidence, leaving you shattered is suicidal. Forget what lies behind and press forward (Philippians 3:13-14). God bless you.

Tina Kyeremateng

Tina Kyeremateng

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift - (the gift of Jesus Christ) 2 Corinthians 9:15