This word has been sticking out to me lately. I recently made a vision board, my first one ever because I am not a crafty person. But, that is where I saw the word ‘between’ for the first time and I put it up on the board.

We are always so mindful of the big things in our life. We are always so mindful of the big things God is doing in our life. When we tell our testimony, we are only mentioning the big things.

But, I want us to take a moment and thank God for the in-between moments. The moments we don’t even realize, but they may have been our favorite memory.

I grew up at Disneyland, basically. So, when people think of all their memories at Disneyland, they think of all the rides they went on. But, what about all the fun conversations you may have had with friends in the long line you waited in.

Take every moment in. Count the in-between moments. I’m not saying when you tell someone your testimony the next time, make it about five hours long because you are telling every moment. But, personally, thank God for all the in-between moments we may not notice because we are so busy thinking about the big things.

Be still and pay attention to the in-between.