This year has begun with anticipation of the miracles and wonders. I have heard many ministers, across the country, speak a word that confirms that this year God will manifest purposeful blessings. And I believe it! I believe that saints will see the fullness of God, in ways that they have never imagined. I believe that we will see Ephesians 3:20 come to life. You know, the scripture that says God “is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.” I believe we will witness it this year. But, I also believe this type of manifestation comes with an accountability from us. A requirement to stand by the second half of that scripture, that speaks to God’s power working within us. How is God’s power working within you? Have you activated His power? Or has the power of God been sitting dormant within your spirit? This year will require us all to step outside of our norm, move in the direction of our purpose, ask the questions we need to know, prepare ourselves for the battle with familiar battle garments and move closer to the attack! When we do these things, we will find the miracles and wonders that this year will bring!


For a long time, I was unable to see the connection between the things that I naturally did and the power of God. Those natural aspects of my life, the quirks that made me who I am, were all things that God ordained. But overtime, I became comfortable with who I was and shirked at the things that did not resemble me. I really began to think that where I was in life may be all that life had to offer me…and then it happened! The foundation of my life was shakened and I was at a “start-over” point. Has that ever happened to you? The moment that you begin to get comfortable, God completely stirs up a scenario and gives His permission for your life to be tested? I should have felt honored, but I was disgusted. I kept asking myself, “How could this happen?”, when I should’ve been asking “Why?” This question would have given me more insight to God’s plan. He didn’t desire for me to be comfortable, He desired for me to partake in greatness. This meant I had to step away from what was considered my normal and be led to the things that were in my purpose. God expected me to do this while examining what I was passionate about and attracted to. For He was preparing me to gain authority over the things that were aligned with the Kingdom of God. This divine connection, between my spirit and what I was drawn to, was a part of my purpose. Those passions were placed within me, so that I could show the world how Christ can show Himself, through circumstances. It may sound like a strange thought, but I challenge you to take a closer look by analyzing the story of David and Goliath.


Most of us know the story of David and Goliath. However, if you do not, don’t panic I’m going to break it down for you. In first Samuel, the seventeenth chapter, is the story of David, the shepherd, who was tasked to take food to his brothers and ended up killing the giant, and Philistine champion, Goliath. I know there are some details that I missed, but for the sake of this purpose I want to hone in on the fact that there is no true connection between what David was supposed to be doing and what he ended up doing. Doesn’t that sound like our lives? We often go out thinking that we are meant to accomplish one specific task, when God envisions us doing something that is completely off the radar! I can imagine if God had told David that he would start the day being a food delivery guy and end it being a hero, that David would look at Him crazy. However, that how God works! He always has something up His sleeve for our lives, that we did not anticipate, and He just wants to know that we are willing to move in the direction that He is taking us. Ask yourself: Are you willing to step out?


With the food in hand, David went to the camp and came across Goliath. This nine-feet tall man, who wore a bronze coat that weighed 125 pounds, had been taunting the Israelite army for forty days with no challengers. That is until David saw him! Something within David was drawn to this giant and he began to ask questions.

Have you ever found yourself being inquisitive about things that no one else ponders? Questioning scenarios and dynamics? Have you ever asked God what makes that circumstance interesting to you?

Chances are, like David, you are being drawn into something that may change your destiny. You may not understand it now, but your questions may give you the ammunition needed to make the second step! David was getting all the information necessary to make an informed decision…he decided he was going to battle the giant. He blocked out the questions of naysayers, ignored the condescending comments about his past, and the questions about his motives and he made the statement, “Don’t worry about this Philistine…I’ll go fight him.” David wasn’t concerned about he perception of others  or what perceived to be a threat to his success. His age, his size, nor his lack of experience kept him from being confident. He knew he was equipped to handle this fight and where he wasn’t equipped, he knew that God had his back. Do you have that type of confidence in God? The kind that declares “the Lord will rescue me!” I know at times I struggle with doubt, but David’s confidence even had King Saul give consent! Ask yourself: Do I have enough information to be confident in my power and God’s?


With Saul’s permission, David was granted the ability to fight Goliath; however, Saul thought something was missing…David needed armor. So Saul took off his own armor, gave it to David and expected David to wear it proudly. The problem was Saul’s armor was fitted for his body, not David’s. Although Saul had good intentions, fighting with Saul’s armor would have given David a disadvantage. Does this scenario sound familiar? David walks into a scenario, with a different mindset, and is given tools that completely go against what he knows. Think about the areas that God has placed you as a change agent. Have you gone into those areas declaring certain things, only to be met with the garments that fit other people’s mindsets? This was exactly where David was! He was battling a state of mind, before he went into a physical battle.

We must always be mindful that the area God has drawn you to, will want to place you into the box that they consider to be normal. Do not blend in, as tempting as it will be, this is not your calling! You have been called to stand out and use the weapons that have been victorious in previous battles. This is not the time to try out new things! You must reflect on what worked. If you won a battle by praying and fasting…then you must pray and fast. If you won a battle by speaking things into existence…then you must speak things into existence. This battle will require you to gain authority over what you see, by using what has worked. Much like David was comfortable using his basic clothing, five smooth stones, a sling and his shepherd’s bag…Ask yourself: What has led to my previous victories in Christ?


Once David had his battle garments, he journeyed out towards Goliath. In spite of Goliath’s sneering, cursing and threats, David spoke boldly about his God and ran closer to Goliath. How many times does this happen in your life? Knowing you are about to be attacked and you move CLOSER to it. I know that in my life, this has not occurred often, but it was what David did. He shows us, through his preparation and confidence, that he was well equipped for this battle and that he knew God would not leave him. We all need this type of confidence! I admire in David’s attribute that he was certain that he was able to be successful at this fight! He knew that God would defeat this enemy by using the power that was within him. Ask yourself: Am I confident that God can do this?


Just like that…David conquered his giant. It was a modern-day miracle. Who would have imagined that this giant champion would be killed by such an inexperienced, small, unknown man? And with a slingshot and one stone? It was unheard of. But that’s how our God works! He presents impossible situations, sends us few instructions and gives us His authority. It’s up to us to know that His authority is enough to help us be victorious!

Take a moment to think about the giant that has already presented itself this year. What will you conquer that giant with? It is obvious that you already possess what God is expecting you to use, but will you take the steps to showcase God’s authority this year? God wants to show Himself strong in that situation, but He needs you to get into position. Position yourself to have faith, confidence, and an expectancy. God wants us to walk courageously towards our purpose and pay attention to the fact that what we think is the focus may not be the route to get the miracle. This year God wants to see His miracles manifested. He wants our participation in helping Him to show the world His purpose for our lives. Ask yourself: Are you willing to be an active participant to see God’s miracles? Are you showing God’s power within you? And do you believe that this year, we will see Ephesians 3:20 come to life?

You know, the scripture that says God “is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to His power that is work within us”?


Misha Stredrick

Misha Stredrick

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit. Jeremiah 17:7‭-‬8 NLT