I have a tendency of paying it forward. I always keep in the back of mind to do things for others so that someone may repay the favor when I (or even my future children) need it most. A couple of months ago, as I was driving, God spoke so loudly to my heart. I was driving out of town, listening to music when He asked, “Is it for MY glory, or your own?”. Now, this specific trip wasn’t dedicated to having a one on one with God. I mean, I was listening to my music and God intervened with this question. I tried to ignore the question, because I wasn’t quite sure where it derived from, when God asked again.

“Is it for MY glory, or your own?”.

“It’s for your glory” I thought.

“Is it?”.

Soon after, situations came to mind when I came to the rescue of others or put my life on hold to help others. The reminder of how empty my cup tends to feel from time to time came to me like a sack of bricks. Still driving, I found myself pleading my case to God.

“Now Lord, I do all these things for other people, so that perhaps my future seeds are taken care of. I pay it forward!”.

Again He asked, “But for MY glory, or your own?”.

It is so important that when we do things for others, we stay Christ focused. It’s not about making ourselves look better in the eyes of others. It’s not about appearing to be a good person. It’s all about Christ. It is however our job to live this life so that God receives ALL the glory! Understand, that what we do for others should never be about us, but all about how we bring glory to God. God in Himself is glorious, and no matter how many good deeds we do for others, we will NEVER be glorious like Him.


According to John 11:40, “Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?””.

This in itself lets us know, that despite all of our good works, despite the many hours we put in paying it forward, God simply says “Believe, and you will see Me.”.

That’s the kind of King that we serve.

So now, ask yourself, “Was that for my glory, or the glory of God?”