What do you think when you see someone with who has good posture? Do you think they are well aligned? Perhaps they take of their body? Confident?

Did you know that having good posture aids in relieving anxiety because it allows your breathing to be more centered? It also decreases chest pressure and back pain as it aids in circulation. When you have good posture everything just seems in place. Your body just exerts a since of well-being and grace. I want you to focus in on your own posture right now…How are your shoulders positioned? How smooth and steady is your breathing? Maintaining a good posture involves training the body to coordinate with its counterparts to function as one without the strain. If you are well aligned it should be effortless to maintain.

When I think of my walk with Christ- I think of my posture. I think, “Am I exerting confidence in my faith and where am I not aligned? Because I know I need some adjustment somewhere” . I can tell when my posture is not being maintained correctly just like my walk with Christ. I can feel it but I know other’s will be able to see it too. I can tell if my steps are not aligned with Christ’s because it takes so much effort when it should be effortless. There are three key elements that help me in maintaining this posture as a Christian: Faith. Hope. Love.

Is my faith unshakeable? (Hebrews 12:18) Is my hope steadfast? (Hebrews 6:19) Is everything I do in love? (1 Corinthians 16:14) If there is some kind of strain in either one of these then there is something I am doing that is preventing alignment. Sometimes I find that my faith and hope are stronger than ever in trails; however, my love tends to lack. That’s when I feel it. That’s when I know I am needing adjustment. I can feel the strain within as I try to walk in alignment with Christ because my pride gets in the way. Jesus says ” This is the first and great commandment”, (Matthew 22:36-40) but if I am straining to show love then I am not walking with a good Christian posture as I should. To be able to feel that your alignment is off is gut wrenching. The worse part is when a fellow Christ-follower takes notice. However, the comforting aspect about that is that we have someone who will be able to notice when you need adjustment and who are not afraid to tell you where you may need it. We all need help. We all need guidance in some way. Fellowship allows for this.

Our walk with Christ should be a postured one. From when we wake up in the morning to the moment we lay our heads down. Adjustments can hurt, especially if you are not ready for them. We may need to see our spiritual chiropractor more than a few times a month even. It can take a while to feel it and for others to see the improvement, but small steps can lead to lasting results. We may think we can hide needing adjustment and move on throughout our lives convincing ourselves that our posture is stable. We can walk tall in our faith but forget the rest of our body needs maintaining. Eventually, we will begin to show evidence of just how much straining we can have if we do not make certain each element is taking into consideration. The tongue, the mind, the eyes may all be needing adjustment. The strain in our hearts…

It is encouraging to know that our redeemer provides abounding grace. HE knows where our most intense strains come from and strategically places us in those gut wrenching moments to be able to better position ourselves correctly and enable us to uphold a more creditable posture.

Our focus should always be fixed on our walk with Christ in order to maintain this. We should also help others who we know are straining in their own walk. If one of us is unaligned then we all start feeling the strain. Being a postured Christian will take  trail and error and strain. But if we are self-aware we can begin correction to become more like him and less like us so that the effort becomes more effortless.


God bless.


Amber Elliott

Amber Elliott

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain (Hebrews 6:19).