As our world spins a little more out of control each day, we look around and shake our heads in amazement.  Worry fills our hearts for our kids’ futures.  Worry fills our minds with the crashing of our country’s morals.  Worry is the one thing that will drive us crazy, yet gets us nowhere.  In the midst of uncertainty, there is still great news – God is never caught off guard.  Nothing is a complete surprise on His calendar.

The winds are going to blow.  The tides are going to crash.  The currents of the culture will try to drown us.  But, I have an Anchor that keeps my soul afloat and so do you.  When Jesus is your anchor, He will keep you from drifting with the waves.  The sea is never silent and neither are our lives.  The currents of our culture are always moving, and the undertow of temptation is lurking just below the surface.  These situations require an anchor to steady our lives and keep us from drifting.

We can face the future with confidence when we’re anchored to the Rock.  No longer do we have to grab a temporary flotation device.  We have the Anchor – the stable piece securing our hearts to His.

As we put our hope in Christ, it can sound good on paper, but every so often it takes a while to sink into our hearts.  In those moments where we want to grumble and cry out, remember patience comes from trusting God with the things about which we want to complain.  There have been times in my life where not only was I drifting, but I was lost at sea.  No anchor in sight, just crashing into one wave after another.

I literally would think, “What am I doing?  Why am I making the same bad choices over and over again?”  I could barely swim; in fact, dogging paddling my way out of one crisis to another was not a successful means of survival.  And then it happened…I drowned…and became a Mom all at the same time.

I realized the responsibility of raising my children could not be filled with a sea of uncertainties.  My desire for their Anchor aided me in grabbing mine.  Instead of talking about it – I decided to live it!  It no longer just sounded good on paper; hope in Christ transformed by heart.

When we are battered by the storms of life, everything depends on the strength of our Anchor.  Grab it and abide in the One to keep you afloat.

Heather Hoerst

Heather Hoerst

Colossians 3:4, "When Christ, who is your real life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all His glory."