Proverbs 16:3 

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

    and he will establish your plans.


Those that know me know that I’m not the most patient person. I have to know what’s going on ahead of time so that there are never any surprises.

While waiting for the hub’s company to announce whether or not they’re planning on lay-offs, or move us somewhere in Southeast Asia, I’m slowly getting anxious. When will you know what’s going to happen? Are we moving? Are we staying? I’ll constantly ask these questions every day, it seems like. My favorite one so far is: How do they NOT know where you’ll end up? I KNOW what’ll happen to me!

Biggest. Hautiest. LIE. Ever.

I don’t know and I’d like to think I’m prepared, but let’s face it. You have absolutely no idea. Your daily activities can change, and through a series of events, you could end up nowhere near you expected to be, but exactly where God intends you to be.

I hate playing the waiting game. I’ve never learned to breathe and meditate for the sole reason that all you’re doing is sitting, and wasting time, and energy.

But there are situations that you can’t help but wait. I’m in my stay at home season, and I’m waiting on when the right time to jump back into the working world. I also began my mile list of things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year, and I’m waiting for the right time to start.


Someone once recommended Jesus Calling by Sarah Young as my next book to read, and even though it’s been awhile since I read it, I wrote this down on my calendar.

“Demonstrate your trust in ME by sitting quietly in my presence.” 

Well, I’ve got some time but wouldn’t it be great if I made time ALL the time?! Instead of forcing myself (or unwillingly forced into) of sitting still, and being absolutely grateful? 

Grateful that I don’t actually have to worry about the little things? In the whole scheme of God’s greatness, I’ll have a home, wherever that may be and I’ll be with my three loves.

Grateful that in the chaos around us, we can have a few minutes of sitting and LISTENING to our heartbeats, and let the Word of God strengthen us?




I’m patiently waiting for YOUR orders, Lord. Thank YOU for giving me an opportunity to sit still in the quiet so that I can hear you.