A friend of mine from a sister state recently had some girls say some not so true things about her. She came to me upset because I think she believed the reality that others would believe after hearing some of these things about her. I could empathize with her because I, too, had been in a place in my life where many people were saying some not so true things about my life also, people that didn’t even know me, and for a time I allowed even myself to buy into the lies. I was left with feelings of failure, inadequacy, and purposelessness as I scrambled around trying to pull my life back together. I looked at other moms, other wives, other friends and wondered how they had things so together while my life resembled an explosion of paper mache on a bad arts and crafts day- just messy. Why do we do that as women? Why do we constantly compare ourselves to the edited picture of our friends on social media or the dressed up Sunday church version? I mean is it really fair to look at a 0600 AM reflection in pjs and messy bun, coffee in hand to fuel the day, of yourself and compare it to the filtered version of “the other girl”?

I just don’t feel like comparison is a fair game, like ever. If Jesus wanted us to look the same, why did He make us all different? We spend so much time trying to live up to the placebo that we forget to be the person; your own person. I told my friend.. these girls.. they are missing something. They are missing something I don’t want you to miss. This isn’t high school and life still isn’t about being just pretty; it’s about having purpose. We try and try and try to get the right shade of lip stick or the perfect pair of shoes. We want the outfit. We want to be pretty. We spend so much time decorating the outside that we forget that’s not even the real purpose. You don’t start your day with pretty lips; you start it with a pretty heart.

At the end of Luke chapter six, Jesus talks about a man building a house. One man dug deep down and laid the foundation of his house on a rock, the other man just on ground. Picture these houses. They looked the same on the outside. Maybe the house on the ground was bigger, prettier; it had more open spaces and lovely flowers, and the house that sat on the rock? It appeared average to superficial eye, but then the storm came. One house was completely destroyed; washed away. It didn’t stand a chance against the flood. The other house? The one built on rock- it could not be shaken. Can you guess which one was which?

You see, appearances do not make you; opinions do not either. We have to build our lives on the rock; we have to build our lives on Jesus. Bad opinions, crazy hair, and hard times will all come our way. Count yourself lucky if it doesn’t all show up at the same time on a Monday because it is coming. That’s life. That’s why we have to build a house at all. A house is a temporary place to protect us until we are called home. Rain is coming, you need to have something to cover you up, or rather some ONE. God wants to shelter us, to protect us, to tell us we are chosen, we are set apart, different, and unfathomably loved. That is the rock. Build a foundation set on the things God calls you, rather than the things Satan makes up. You are un-perfect Satan says, but God says you are blameless. I’m all for that perfect shade of pink, but it’s not priority. Jesus is. Set your heart on the rock and when it rains? Wait for rainbows.


Love and Be His,

Katie Sanders