My fear was that once I crossed the threshold of a church building, lightning would strike me dead. My sins were far too much, far too many for all of that “church business.”  While this wasn’t exactly the answer I gave my friend the first few times she invited me to attend her church, it was exactly how I felt.  She persisted though.  She had never been to a bar, and it was a regular get-away for me.  She met me where I was, and basically made a deal with me – I’ll hang out with you on Saturday, if you come to my Youth Group Sunday School on Sunday morning.   

There I was, sitting with a typical youth group, scattered in ages, stages and social classes.  I was 25-years-old with two young children, in a marriage that was anything but fulfilling and peaceful. I listened to my friend unwrap the stories in the Bible — this mysterious book that I never even opened, much less studied, or even owned.  She taught the Lord’s Prayer in a way that the Youth could identify with, but in a way that opened up the opportunity for me to communicate with my Creator I had never known existed.  She explained sin and salvation to these young, eager minds, but she saved my life by unraveling the fact that His sacrifice was all I needed to overcome the lifestyle I was stuck in. 

I wish mine was a story of instant change — instant deliverance — but mine is a process that continues every day.  I wish that instantly I was convicted of the lifestyle I was leading and the changes I had to make in order to be freed from it.  But mine is a slow, long meandering with a Jesus who is patient and a Holy Spirit who never fails.  I used to think I was below average or behind the eight ball somehow because I was not raised by Christian parents.  I did not know Jesus from the time I was an infant.  I thought my story was one that didn’t deserve to be shared because while I knew Jesus (and there was no doubt I would be in Heaven for eternity after I surrendered myself to the Lord), I was still caught in my sinful lifestyle.  My heart breaks now, though, for the people who feel inadequate for their slow journey into God’s path.

I still have feelings of inadequacies sometimes because I found the Lord later in life, and my journey of deliverance was not instant, but rather, a twisted journey that has leading to constant change.  I know that each step with the Lord – obeying Him — leads me closer and closer to His Glories!

In this journey, I have found my purpose and passion – to help families go from Broken to Blessed through Jesus.  I have battled my way through a re-marriage — blending our family of six kids — and have found the overwhelming void within the Christian church to help these families navigate their way to a God designed family. 

I am excited to share with all of you sweet sisters what God has taught me in my walk with Him, and to learn from you, too, how the Spirit is still working in all of us to transform us closer to Him.

Megan Bottom

Romans 5:5 "This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us."