I have a confession. The other day, I got really mad that something just wouldn’t work for me.

Isn’t that crazy? That I have a God that can move mountains, and here I am getting mad at such a material object. It’s not something that I can take to Heaven with me, but here I am so frustrated about it.

But, as I sit here in Starbucks seeing how crazy I was, I watch little babies and kids being friends and enjoying life.

So, I decided to take it all in, enjoy the little things in life.

There are so many things we miss because we are so focused on something that doesn’t need our attention.

Satan tries to do that right? He tries to shift are focus on this thing that doesn’t matter so we can’t focus at church. Or we can’t focus on being with our friends or family.

So, here’s to the little memories you hold dear to your heart. Whatever that may be, family vacations, missions, church, holidays, or sitting in Starbucks, hold those near. Focus on the little things instead of focusing on something that just doesn’t matter.


Brianna Rogers