I just celebrated another birthday and turned another year older, and the feminine side of me wants to scream, “No, not another wrinkle and another grey hair! Please not another number higher; when can we reverse the progression of numbers?”

If I could have an ‘un-birthday’ party every year, and celebrate subtracting a -1 from the numbers that represent my “age”, I would celebrate that!  Everyone would know that it was my ‘un-birthday’.

But then again, I supposed that right along with the loss of a year, I would forfeit a year of wisdom and knowledge. I suppose that an ‘un-birthday’ would reverse the progress of friendships built, and all the love that I have given and received over the past year, I have to wonder if that would reverse as well?

Alright, all things considered, an ‘un-birthday’ may not be the appropriate answer to my disapproval of getting older…

As I sit and ponder this, and reflect on the year past, I find myself feeling so very grateful for all that I gain through each year of life.  I feel so blessed by everyone that I meet and every experience that I have. I really cannot image skipping a single one!

So, if the numbers added to my age equate to more love and more wisdom and more friendships and more opportunities to care for others and share the love of God, then I guess I’ll take it.

I believe that the wish to look younger (or at least stop aging) is a common thought for many women.

Here’s a thought…what if we broadcast our physical age as “years loved” or “years praising” or “years of wisdom”?  What if we all embraced that number as an accomplishment?

“Another year well spent loving God’s people as he loves me!”

“Look how many years of experience I have in singing God’s praise and studying his Word!”

“Imagine all that I have learned after __ years studying life?”

I like that!

Last week, on my actual birth-day, I came across this image, and it touched right to my heart:

I fell so blessed and so loved and so fortunate.  Would I be willing to trade anything that I have (a year full of love or an experience lived through)? No, I would not.

Today, I am finding a whole new level of contentment.  Today, I am determined to focus on my many blessings and be thankful for all that God has done in and through me all these years!

Another year has begun for me, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned during it!

And look, God even sent me a Birthday gift, directly from Him:

I googled “contentment” and this is the verse that appeared,

Ecclesiastes 3:13

That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.