As I sit facing a familiar scene- bible, coffee, computer- I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for our Father. I love how the word lives with us. What a piece of scripture meant two days ago can breath life in a completely different way even hours after you first sought those pages.

I read a parable in John two days ago. Jesus turned water into wine. A big wedding was taking place and the wine was all used up. Jesus, Jesus fix this. Jesus tells his servants to go get those hugs over there, fill them with water, and take it to the master.

Well that doesn’t solve anything, does it?

Have you ever found yourself in a dry season? Things are all used up, and you’re tired of pouring in diligence? Jesus fix this? I have had the hardest time lately with just the attitude Christ demands of His church. My heart is tired, my feet are worn down, and people haven’t changed. It’s exhausting sometimes to keep face in a world full of negativity and heartbreak- staying positive, being light.

I’ve read this story hundreds of time. This morning as I struggle with obedience over a new-to-me area over my life, it takes a different turn.

Jesus said over there are some jugs, use them. This man is Jesus, y’all. He didn’t need jugs, and yet He still used what was there. I’d like the think these jugs are dormant, imperfect pieces sitting off to the side- not big parts of this elaborate wedding but just present. Jesus said those imperfect pots are made perfect to serve a need, and so He said use that.

Let us not forget that the goal is not to be polished before we are perfected. Jesus just wants you. An active you.

Go draw some water out. Jesus let the people be an active part of the miracle- to share in the work of the kingdom is to share in the blessings.

And so they did. But they didn’t just draw some water, they filled it up- they filled them to the brim. This meant that the miracle would be fulfilled to the greatest measure possible. Half effort would only bring half the results. Just because we are not saved by a system of merits and works, doesn’t mean we are released of the responsibility. There will always be guidance provided to us by Jesus, but we have to be careful to listen and even more careful to obey to the fullest.

And so the people carried these jugs full of water to the master, and they believed. The two go hand in hand- faith and works, works and faith. Can you imagine? Having pots full of water that you put in there yourself to hand off to someone else and believing in the course of a few steps that it would completely change…

but when it did… just wow.

Jesus told me this morning there would be seasons of dry emptiness. He said take what’s empty and go fill it up. You see, faith some days feels like a super-cape kind-of indestructible thing that makes you invincible.. and some days faith is taking an empty cup to a fountain of truths and praying with confidence that he will fill it back up. It’s an active thing. You have to move what you have left in obedience to believe he will supply you with more.

And He will.

Walk. Work. And receive.


Katie Sanders